Morbius Is So Bad That It's Coming Back to Theaters (No, Really)

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Morbius Theaters Meme Second Run

Morbius may be the worst movie that fans have ever asked to come back to theaters. The vampiric Spider-Man spin-off is Sony Pictures's latest wall-crawling side story meant to flesh out the smaller characters adjacent to Peter Parker. Since the webhead himself is off having fun in the MCU, the Sony Spider-Man Universe has served as a place where the studio can profit from this portfolio of Marvel names without touching acknowledging the Marvel Studios canon (at least too much). 

While the first two Venom films were at least financial successes, Morbius came out with a dull thud. The film was critically panned upon its initial release in April and then went on to do dismal business at the box office as well. 

However, in recent weeks, Jared Leto's blood-sucking adventure has picked up some steam as a meme on the internet. This has caused many to - somewhat ironically - show their enthusiasm for the movie, pushing Sony to make a move and apparently put the movie back in theaters. 

More Morbius is on the Way

Morbius, Jared Leto

ComicBook confirmed that after Morbius' viral social media campaign, the Jared Leto-led Marvel Legend is headed back to over 1,000 select theaters worldwide starting on Friday, June 3rd.

Sony's latest Spider-Man spin-off was released in early April only to be lauded by moviegoers. However, the project has gained a second life as it has taken on meme status across social platforms such as Twitter. 

It's Morbin' Time

This news is going to stun many, but if one thinks about it a bit, it kind of makes sense. In a world where any publicity is good publicity, Sony Pictures is using this wave of interest in Morbius to make just a bit more money. 

Even though the film's reemergence on the scene has been mostly because of ironic passion amongst fans, the studio has seen an opportunity and is taking advantage of it. One has to remember that Morbius did modestly at the ticket window, so here is another chance for Sony to at least make their money back. 

What the studio should not take this as, however, is a call for a potential Morbius 2. Despite the film setting up a future for Jared Leto's Michael Morbius, it is not a stretch to say not many are genuinely wishing for more from this corner of Sony's Spider-Man Universe. 

Surely, the studio can see that these calls are not genuine and for them to pursue Morbius sequel would be a mistake. But, this is a business after all, and if Sony sees they could make a dollar now that Morbius has become the meme it has, it would not be all the surprising if they were to want to revisit Leto's character again on the big screen. 

Morbius can be purchased digitally now or can be seen back in theaters starting June 3. 

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