Moon Knight Star Reveals Doctor Strange Crossover Hopes

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Moon Knight, May Calamawy, Marvel Studios

The next Disney+ series by Marvel Studios is none other than Moon Knight. The show stars Oscar Isaac’s Steven Grant as he starts to experience troublesome events that begin to make him believe he is going insane; which is understandable. Who wouldn’t think the same when one seemingly develops an alternate persona who goes out in a moon-inspired costume to dole out justice for an Egyptian God?

The leading character isn’t the only important part of the upcoming project. The show will introduce many other figures and elements to the MCU, and among them is May Calmawy’s mysterious Layla El-Laouly. Little to no information is known about her as of now, besides her knowing Marc Spector and not Steven Grant.

While fans will have to continue waiting for more concrete information on the character, the actress behind the role commented on what she’d like to see for Layla down the road in the MCU.

A Strange Moon Knight Crossover

Moon Knight, May Calamwy

In an interview with On Demand Entertainment, Moon Knight actress May Calamawy commented on her role as Layla El-Fauoly in the upcoming Marvel Studios Disney+ series and what may come next.

When asked if she would want her own MCU project down the line, Calamawy said she would “take it if they want to give it” and that she would be “really interested in [crossing over with] Doctor Strange:”

“I mean, I’m hoping. I’ll take it if they want to give it… I don’t know [what she would do, or where she she’d go]… I’m really interested in Doctor Strange. Yeah, who knows. We’ll see.”

As for how it felt to even get the role in the first place, she exclaimed that “there’s no words” and that “it’s all been such a blessing:”

“It’s just like… there’s no words. MCU and being like the first Arab, Middle Eastern character. It’s all been such a blessing.”

She continued on, saying that it’s “[taken] a long time” for the industry to get where it is and for “women to be given incredible roles:”

“It’s just the industry, you know? It’s taking a long time for many things, like women to be given incredible roles. So it’s fine, we’re here and that’s all that matters.”

The Future of Moon Knight’s Layla

May Calamawy’s Layla Le-Fauoly doesn’t line up directly with any comic book hero or villain. The closest she comes to is someone named Layla Miller.

In the comics, Miller is a mutant who gets her powers during the House of M event (Scarlet Witch’s temper tantrum). These include pre-cognitive abilities, and later on, she goes on to be able to resurrect people.

The only problem? Well, the character has zero ties to Moon Knight. So it seems unlikely that’s the road Marvel Studios would go down.

Fans will have to wait until the show airs a few episodes before they’re able to properly get an idea of who Calamawy’s Layla could interact with down the line.

Though, one can never have enough Doctor Strange. With all of the supernatural elements that Moon Knight will bring to the table, it wouldn’t be surprising if he showed up sooner rather than later.

Moon Knight premieres on Disney+ on March 30, and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness hits theaters on May 6.

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