Historic MCU Funko Reveals Half of 12-Character Collection

By Gillian Blum Posted:
Marvel Funko Civil War Set

The sixth figure in Funko's Captain America: Civil War Build-A-Scene collection was revealed, completing half of the 12-figure collection.

When completed, this MCU Build-A-Scene set will be the one with the most figures Funko has produced to date.

The scene, depicting the iconic Civil War airport fight, has had five figures revealed prior to the new announcement, three from Team Iron Man and two from Team Captain America.

From the former, Funko released Pop! figures for Vision, Black Panther (T'Challa), and Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff). And from the latter, Funko unveiled Hawkeye (Clint Barton) and the Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff).

Captain America: Civil War airport fight
Captain America: Civil War

Now, the sides are even as this historic set gains its sixth figure.

Sixth MCU Civil War Funko Pop! Revealed

Funko officially unveiled the sixth Pop! in the 12-figure Captain America: Civil War Build-A-Scene set, further adding to the historic collection with a Bucky Barnes figure.

A Funko Pop box featuring Bucky Barnes as the Winter Soldier, with long hair and a silver-colored arm.

The third member of Team Captain America in the collection, Bucky is depicted almost exactly as he appears in the film, with long hair and his metal arm included.

A Funko Pop of Bucky Barnes as the Winter Soldier, with long hair and a silver-colored arm. The figure stands on a gray, geometric platform.

Rocking an all-black look, Bucky appears battle-ready, prepped to defend his best friend and the side they both are fighting on.

A collage of four images, each showing 12 geometric platforms. The top image shows a Funko pop of Vision on the back and rightmost platform. The second image adds a Hakwye pop figure to the front and leftmost platform. The third image adds a Black Panther Funko pop on the platform directly in front of Vision. The bottom image adds a Scarlet Witch pop figure right behind Hawkeye, a Bucky Barnes Funko pop right in front of Hawkeye, and a Black Widow Funko pop right in front of Black Panther. The top image has Iron Man's armor as the background, the second image has Captain America's suit as the background, the third image has a solid white background, and the final image has the same background of Captain America's suit as the second image.

With what has already been revealed of the set, fans can see the Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, and Bucky for Team Captain America, poised to fight against Vision, Black Panther, and Black Widow on Team Iron Man. Six empty spots still remain, three for each team.

Which MCU Heroes Will Complete the Funko Pop! Set?

Based on the six remaining spots, fans can deduce who else will be included in the historic Build-A-Scene set.

For Team Captain America, the three spots will likely go to Ant-Man (Scott Lang), the Falcon (Sam Wilson), and Captain America (Steve Rogers) himself.

For Team Iron Man, the three spots will likely go to Spider-Man (Peter Parker), War Machine (James Rhodes), and Iron Man (Tony Stark), naturally.

The Bucky Barnes Funko Pop!, as well as the rest of the revealed collection, is an Amazon Exclusive available for pre-order, with the official release date being October 29.

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