Full Cast of Masters of the Universe: Revolution - Every Main Characters & Voice Actor (Photos)

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The cast of Masters of the Universe: Revolution includes some notable names from geek culture. 

The Masters of the Universe franchise started as a hugely successful 1980s toy line with a corresponding cartoon that was little more than a thinly-veiled commercial for the action figures.

Now, Kevin Smith and Netflix have joined forces for an animated continuation that’s much more sophisticated than its Reagan-era counterpart. Part 1 of this revival arrived in 2021, and the next installment has finally dropped.

Meet the Cast of Masters of the Universe: Revolution

Chris Wood - Prince Adam/He-Man

Chris Wood and He-Man

“By the power of Greyskull, I have the power!” 

Chris Wood, known for playing Mon-El on the CW Supergirl show, gets the honor of delivering He-Man’s iconic superpower-imbuing rallying cry.

Mark Hamill - Skeletor

Mark Hamill and Skeletor

Though he’s undeniably best recognized as Star Wars’ legendary Luke Skywalker, Mark Hamill has made quite the career as a voice actor. 

In Revolution, he brings to life the menacing Skeletor, He-Man’s arch-nemesis. 

Liam Cunningham - Duncan/Man-At-Arms

Liam Cunningham and Duncan

As Eternia’s expert combatant and former leader of the Royal Guard, Duncan, more often than not, accompanies Prince Adam on his many adventures. 

His voice is provided by Game of Thrones alum Liam Cunningham in the Netflix series.

Tiffany Smith - Andra

Tiffany Smith and Andra

Andra is a character who originated in the '80s Masters comic books, but she was reinvented as a major player for the new Netflix show. 

In the series, she’s played by Tiffany Smith, who formerly worked for DC as the host of DC All Access. She’s also acted in Jane the Virgin and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

Melissa Benoist - Teela

Melissa Benoist and Teela

Melissa Benoist put in six seasons on Supergirl, but the actress is more than an Arrowverse superhero. She’s additionally known for starring in Glee and the Broadway musical based on the life of Carole King. 

In Revolution, Benoist provides the voice of Teela, the lead character in the series’ previous installment, Masters of the Universe: Revelation. She takes over for Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Lena Headey - Evil-Lyn “Lyn”/Majestra

Lena Headey, Evil-Lyn, and Majestra

Cersei Lannister, voiced by Lena Headey, voices Skeletor‘s right-hand-woman Evil-Lynn, who, as her name would imply, is quite sinister. Evil-Lyn took over commanding Skeletor’s forces after he was seemingly killed in action.

Headey also lends her voice to Majestra, an alter-ego that Evil-Lyn takes on as a disguise to further her nefarious deeds.

Diedrich Bader - King Randor/Trap Jaw/Buzz Off

Diedrich Bader, King Randor and Buzz Off

Diedrich Bader, known as an occasional voice of Batman, pulls triple duty on Masters of the Universe: Revolution

Bader plays Eternian monarch King Randor. In addition to that, he voices the evil cyborg warrior, Trap Jaw, and the heroic bee person, Buzz Off.

Alicia Silverstone - Queen Marlena

Alicia Silverstone and Queen Marlena

Most recognized for starring in the 1990s gem Clueless, Alicia Silverstone gives her voice to the character of Queen Marlena in Revolution

Marlena serves as the queen of Eternia and is the wife of King Randor.

Stephen Root - Cringer/Battle Cat

Stephen Root and Cringer

Character actor Stephen Root has had a prolific and varied career in both live-action and animation, playing memorable characters in Office Space and King of the Hill, to name a few. 

Here, Root voices Cringer, Prince Adam’s loyal pet who, through the power of Greyskull, can transform into the mighty Battle Cat.

Tony Todd - Scare-Glow

Tony Todd and Scare-Glow

Another extremely recognizable face and voice, Tony Todd’s distinctive baritone has made him a go-to choice for villains throughout the decades. 

In Masters of the Universe, the one-time Son of Mogh lends his voice to the ghostly Scare-Glow, a minion of the forces of evil.

Justin Long - Roboto

Justin Long and Roboto

Justin Long rose to mainstream prominence in the early-to-mid-2000s with roles in comedies like Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story and Idiocracy. He also famously played the human embodiment of Mac computers in a classic Apple ad campaign.

In this series, Justin Long voices the automaton Roboto, which Duncan constructed.

Griffin Newman - Orko

Griffin Newman and Orko

Orko has long been seen as the quintessential, annoying, bumbling sidekick (he’s right up there with Thundercats’ Snarf in the eyes of some fans). He was killed off in Masters of the Universe: Revelation but was later resurrected. 

Orko is voiced by comedian Griffin Newman who previously starred as Arthur in the short-lived live-action reboot of The Tick for Amazon Prime Video.

Harley Quinn Smith - Illena

Harley Quinn Smith

Harley Quinn Smith, daughter of series executive producer Kevin Smith and named for the DC Comics character, portrays Illena in Revolution

Illena was initially set to appear in Revelation but was inexplicably absent.

Meg Foster - Motherboard

Meg Foster and Motherboard

Veteran actress Meg Foster is well-known for both her film and TV work as well as her uniquely light blue eye color. Foster has past affiliations with the Masters franchise, having played Evil-Lyn in the 1987 live-action movie. 

In Revolution, she provides the voice of the mechanical villain, Motherboard.

Keith David - Hordak

Keith David and Hordak

Younger audiences might know him best as curmudgeonly inventor Elroy Patashnik in Community. Still, Keith David has been a longtime presence in Hollywood, with over 300 acting credits. 

He plays Hordak, the appropriately named leader of the Evil Horde.

John De Lancie - Granamyr

John De Lancie and Granamyr

Beloved by fans as Star Trek’s omnipotent trickster Q, John De Lancie voices dragon lord Granamyr in Masters of the Universe: Revolution.

Ted Biaselli - Gwildor

Ted Biaselli and Gwildor

Gwildor first appeared in the live-action Masters of the Universe movie in 1987. He was created as a stand-in for Orko, who would have been much too costly to bring to life through the special effects of the era. 

Ted Biaselli, who also serves as a producer on the show, voices Gwildor.

Phil LaMarr - Mendor

Phil LaMarr and Mendor

Mendor is a fairly obscure character from the Masters of the Universe comic books. He works as the Eternian Royal Family’s physician. 

Phil LaMarr, who is known for an expansive number of voice roles in addition to being an original Mad TV cast member, provides Mendor’s voice.

Susan Eisenberg - Sorceress

Susan Eisenberg and the Sorceress

Susan Eisenberg has been long heard in various animation projects since the early '90s, but she’s most widely known for voicing Wonder Woman in the DC Animated Universe. 

Eisenberg portrays the Sorceress of Castle Greyskull, who is also Teela’s mother.

William Shatner - Keldor

William Shatner and Keldor

William Shatner, a living legend and the man who first brought Captain James T. Kirk to life, plays Keldor in the series through flashbacks. 

Keldor was the brother of King Randor who goes on to become the fearsome Skeletor. Shatner’s role was deliberately kept a mystery by Netflix until the show premiered.

Masters of the Universe: Revolution is streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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