Marvel Forces Zoe Saldana to Take Down Guardians of the Galaxy 3 Video

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is still more than a year away, yet it is one of the most talked-about upcoming projects on Marvel Studios' slate. Part of this has to do with Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, and the rest of the Guardians crew currently filming the project in Atlanta. Director James Gunn has teased that this will be a grim adventure for this iteration of the team - the last time fans will see this version of the intergalactic team

While a fair amount is known about the upcoming film, including the casting of Will Poulter as Marvel mainstay Adam Warlock, the actual plot of the film remains shrouded in a thick fog of mystery. 

Gunn and co. have teased at this being a darker adventure for the Guardians, but the actual specifics of that have remained under lock and key. This is a tactic Marvel has been all too accustomed to taking in their more than a decade piecing together the MCU.

And with the Marvel leaks police being the best they have ever been, it means that even these movies' biggest stars can fall victim to their maneuvers.

Zoe Saldana Gets Caught by the Marvel Police

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 star Zoe Saldana posted on Instagram with a glimpse of her in full Gamora makeup, pointing out that she has fallen victim to the Marvel Leaks Police.

Zoe Saldana Instagram Post Guardians 3

Saldana'video come shortly after she posted nearly an identical snippet without any clever edits to cover any secrets regarding the Guardians threequel. The caption mentions that she "Had to take this down before because of Marvel Security" but now that she has "covered what they don’t want [fans] to see," everything is now right as rain.

Had to take this down before because of Marvel Security. Now that I covered what they don’t want you to see, let’s just focus on the Mate!!!!! #mate #gamora #bebe


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Taking a deeper look into the video that was posted, it seems that the front of this binder reads "January 2022," meaning this is likely shooting and production information for last month on the Guardians 3 set.

Taking this information into account, it does make a lot of sense that Marvel Studios would nix things here as quickly as possible. This could have revealed when various actors were going to be on set or even specific plot details. And when it comes to casting/actors appearing on the set for shooting, now more than ever is a time when Marvel wants to hide that as much as possible. 

Revealing Guardians of the Galaxy Secrets

Well, here it is! Another instance of Marvel hopping on an overly eager star in an effort to preserve any secrets surrounding their upcoming projects. Surely, Zoe Saldana did not mean any harm with her initial post, but in flipping through her binder, she could have very well leaked some valuable info about the Guardians' next epic. 

In this new era of Multiversal storytelling, the Pandora's Box of cameos is now open. Now, will GOTG Vol. 3 take advantage of what the Multiverse offers in terms of storytelling possibilities? Probably not, but this binder could be the key to finding out who else might be joining/squaring off against the Guardians crew.

No matter what is inside this elusive binder, fans will spend weeks zooming and enhancing in an effort to unlock every minute detail hidden under that Gamora-green highlighter.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 hit theaters on May 5, 2023. 

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