Marvel's WandaVision Trailer Repeats an Avengers: Infinity War Scene

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Wanda, Thanos

You took everything from me.

From experiencing her brother's brutal death in Avengers: Age of Ultron, to being blamed for the opening act destruction in Captain America: Civil War, to being forced to watch Vision die TWICE in Avengers: Infinity War, Wanda Maximoff has gone through her fair share of traumatic moments in just about every one of her MCU appearances.

While that's enough anguish for a lifetime, it looks like Scarlet Witch might have to relive one of her most painful memories.


During Disney Investor Day, Marvel President Kevin Feige unveiled a new trailer for the upcoming WandaVision series.

While the fresh footage asks more questions than it answers, one particular shot has fans buzzing.

At the 1:10 mark, Wanda Maximoff is shown working her magic on the Mind Stone, looking both confused and threatened by it. The yellow Infinity Stone is noticeably floating on its own, no longer implanted in Vision's forehead. Wanda then motions her arms outward, shattering the stone. Marvel fans may recognize parallels between this scene and a sequence in one of the MCU's most remembered climaxes...

WandaVision and Avengers Infinity War scenes
Avengers: Infinity War & WandaVision



Can we let Wanda have one nice thing? Just one?

In all seriousness, this moment directly calls back to Avengers: Infinity War, when Scarlet Witch was forced to shatter Vision's life-force in order to prevent Thanos from obtaining the Mind Stone. Despite that moment taking over two acts of built-up courage, Thanos immediately reverses it and makes Vision die a second time. Brutal.

Considering this scene has the Mind Stone on its own and not attached to a host, Wanda likely has a much easier time destroying it. 

But it begs the question: Why?

Why is the Mind Stone no longer attached to Vision? Is this even the real Mind Stone? Why does Wanda look threatened by it?

If you'll indulge me in a speculation session, let's dive into it.

We know Thanos destroyed the stones shortly after the events of Avengers: Infinity War. They served no purpose, except for temptation. Because of this, WandaVision's Mind Stone is likely a fake. After all, it took Wanda a good few minutes to shatter the stone with consistently strong energy in Infinity War, while here, she destroys it in a matter of seconds. If this was the real Mind Stone, it likely wouldn't break so easily.

As for why it is no longer attached to Vision, that begs a bigger picture question. Considering this warped reality may not be Wanda's creation, there is reason to believe the fake Mind Stone is somewhat of a generator for this mysterious universe.

At around the 0:57 mark of the trailer, a voice on the radio asks, “Wanda, can you hear me? Who's doing this to you?” Speculation has run wild that the villainous Mephisto will play a pivotal part in this series, with Evan Peters rumored to fulfill the role. Could Mephisto be the one functioning this reality, by the means of this fake Mind Stone? Time will only tell.

We'll get all our answers on January 15, 2021, when WandaVision premieres on Disney+.

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