Marvel Studios Announces Actor for Historic New MCU Superhero

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The actor playing the MCU's historic new original superhero, Kahhori, was finally revealed by Marvel Studios.

It was announced earlier this year that at least one of the upcoming episodes of What If...? Season 2 will center around a character named Kahhori, a Native American warrior who is a brand-new MCU original superhero.

In a recent post from Marvel Studios Canada's Instagram page, it was confirmed that actor Devery Jacobs will voice Kahhori in Season 2 of the MCU's animated What If...? series.

It is important to note that, just like her character, Jacobs is Mohawk, so her casting will help bring proper representation to the Mohawk people on-screen.

Jacobs is known for her roles in Reservation Dogs and Rhymes for Young Girls, and, interestingly enough, was also cast in the MCU's upcoming Echo Disney+ series as a character named Julie.

Is Devery Jacobs the MCU's Next Big Star?

Devery Jacobs and Kahhori in What If...?
Devery Jacobs

The MCU has featured a number of established actors over the years from Samuel L. Jackson to Emilia Clarke, but the franchise is also responsible for creating stars of their own.

For example, Tom Holland was credited in projects before he portrayed Peter Parker in Captain America: Civil War, but that role is what truly pushed him into the spotlight and caused him to become one of the world's biggest actors.

The casting of Devery Jacobs as Kahhori in What If...? proves that Marvel Studios has high hopes for her, especially since she was already cast in a different role within the franchise.

It is unclear what kind of role Kahhori will play in the future of the MCU, but seeing as how she will have her own episode in the upcoming season and she was featured alongside Thanos in one of the trailers it can be inferred that she will be seen again.

It is also unclear how big Jacobs' role will be in Echo, but considering that Marvel Studios has enough faith in her to appear in two separate projects may mean that she will be sticking around for years to come.

What If...? will begin streaming on Disney+ on Friday, December 22.

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