Harry Styles Casts Doubt on Imminent Marvel Return

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Eternals, Harry Styles

Eternals was a bit of a divisive slice of MCU history. The film was the first project under Marvel Studios' umbrella to receive a "Rotten" on Rotten Tomatoes. Many found issues with the villains, length, chemistry between the leads, and various other aspects of the title. But there was one thing many people agreed on: the post-credits debut of Harry Styles' Eros was great.

The fan-favorite musician was brought on board to bring the classic cosmic womanizer to life as he offered everyone in the Domo some help in finding their kidnaped friends. But when might fans see him pop up again?

In a previous interview, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige shared how the adventures of Eros and Pip are something they are still very interested in exploring. Pair that with the recent signs of Eternals 2 being in development, and it would seem Harry Styles should be back sooner rather than later.

Sadly, however, in a new interview, the star cast some doubt on that possibility. Could the briefly-met Eternal, and brother to Thanos, still have years to go before hitting the big screen once again?

Harry Styles MCU Return In Question

Harry Styles, Marvel Studios

In an interview with Rolling StoneEternals actor Harry Styles talked about his potential future with Marvel Studios as Eros and when he might be returning for another round.

When discussing his acting future, Styles noted that he "[doesn't] imagine [he'd] do a movie for a while," joking how "it'd be funny if [Eternals] was it" for his MCU debut.

The actor continued, admitting how "[he] think[s] there'll be a time again when [he'll] crave it," but that he's currently very focused on his music career:

“I think there’ll be a time again when I’ll crave it... but when you’re making music, something’s happening. It feels really creative, and it feeds stuff. A large part of acting is the doing nothing, waiting thing. Which if that’s the worst part, then it’s a pretty good job. But I don’t find that section of it to be that fulfilling. I like doing it in the moment, but I don’t think I’ll do it a lot... everything in my life has felt like a bonus since X-Factor... get on TV and sing. I never expected and never thought that would happen.”

Lastly, the musician commented on whether the rumors of his being cast in a Star Wars project were real, to which he claimed "that’s the first [he'd] heard of that," and that they were "false."

So When Will Harry Styles' Eros Pop Up Next

Many Eternals and Styles fans might be a little distressed thinking about how San Diego Comic-Con 2022 held no word on the future of that particular series. Even looking at the movie slots that remain unfilled on the Marvel Studios slate, there are projects like Deadpool 3Shang-ChiWorld War Hulk, and Doctor Strange 3 that are more likely to inhabit them.

It's hard to imagine the cast of Eternals getting any real focus if it isn't in their own project. Though, if the movie never does end up existing, odds are that the next time fans see the Eternals will be for Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars.

Seeing as Styles' Eros was last seen in the Domo alongside the likes of Thena, Makkari, and Druig, those three will almost certainly be with Thanos' brother wherever he may appear next. Though, maybe a post-credits scene for The Marvels can at least hint at what might be next for their story.

Eternals 2 is now streaming on Disney+.

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