Watch: Marvel's Groot Gets His Own Disney+ Show In New Trailer

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First I Am Groot Trailer Revealed at SDCC

The next few months for Marvel Studios is about to be jam-packed. Not only will they finish the year out with Black Panther: Wakanda Forever at the movie theater, but the studio also has a stacked streaming slate. Included in this is the adorable Groot-centric series, aptly titled I Am Groot

The five animated shorts will focus on the living tree from the Guardians of the Galaxy series, as he causes plenty of mischief across the universe. The series is set to debut on August 10 with little known about the specific plot and characters known up to this point. 

That is until now, as fans at San Diego Comic-Con have gotten the first glimpse at the upcoming Disney+ MCU project. 

I Am Groot Gets First Trailer

As a part of the Marvel Studios animation San Diego Comic-Con panel, the studio revealed the first trailer for the upcoming I Am Groot. The announcement also confirmed that the series will consist of five shorts premiering on August 10.

The brief glimpse showcased Groot as he traveled across various intergalactic locales. 

I Am Groot 2
Marvel Studios

This included a peek at the ship in which the miniature Flora Colossus will be hanging out. 

I Am Groot 1
Marvel Studios

The character seems to get into all sorts of hijinx, with looks at him teaming up with another Groot. 

I am Groot 4
Marvel Studios

He also seems to befriend a furry pal of sorts that he wraps around his neck.

I am Groot 3
Marvel Studios

But it won't be all fun and games as he is seen in the trailer taking part in some explosive action. 

I am Groot 5
Marvel Studios

The trailer even came with a brand-new poster. 

See the full trailer: 

Let's Groove With Groot

For those who were going to pass on I Am Groot and simply wait to see the character appear in next year's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, this trailer may have convinced them differently. The sneak peek looks to include some of the most photorealistic animation seen from Marvel Studios yet. 

These five shorts are seemingly going to be a simple, charming jaunt across the universe with Groot, but as of now, at least looks like it will be a fun time while it stays around.  

Groot doesn't look to be changing the fate or direction of the MCU from the looks of this trailer but instead, these shorts will serve as interstitial content for those looking for some Marvel-themed fun. 

I Am Groot will begin streaming on Disney+ on August 10. 

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