Marvel Video Syncs Avengers: Endgame's Blip With Hawkeye & WandaVision Scenes

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is unlike anything that has come before it.  Being able to tell a cohesive story that interweaves dozens of franchises is an unbelievable feat. One of the biggest moments to cause ripples in its wider story was the Blip in Avengers: Infinity. This went on to influences stories like Endgame and WandaVision in unprecedented ways.

To not only kill off half of the heroes in the MCU but also the entire universe for five years was an incredibly bold move by the studios. Anyone who had previously claimed that the inter-connected cinematic world had no stakes was swiftly proven wrong.

As the Phase 4 projects slowly touch upon what happened during those harrowing five years, fans are having fun stitching it all together behind the scenes.

Hawkeye added some more lore to the whole scenario as its fifth installment showed audiences what exactly happened to Yelena when that fateful snap occurred. 

Hawkeye Explores the Blip

Blip Avengers

Hawkeye's fifth episode explored where Yelena Belova was when both Thanos and Hulk snapped their respective fingers.

On her mission to free Black Widows across the world, she runs into a former assassin who isn't brainwashed like she thinks––instead, she's a mercenary who has made a good living for herself.

As Florence Pugh's character goes into the restroom for contemplation, she ends up leaving five years later.

Marvel fan Mr. Buggs stitched together all the Blip moments from Endgame, Far From HomeWandaVision, and Hawkeye into one video so audiences can see how they all sync together.

The video can be watched below:


The Tragic Effects of Endgame's Blip

With how big the Blip is, it's fantastic to see Marvel Studios not shying away from further exploring the trauma in which something like that could cause. Losing those five years on both sides of the line would be hard to grasp across the world.

So it's no surprise to see Yelena so bitter and matter-of-fact about her mercenary work, especially when it comes to killing the person she sees responsible for Natasha Romanoff's death.

Hawkeye will likely be far from the last MCU project to go into depth about what happened or didn't happen in the half-a-decade that went missing. It's basically a requirement when it comes to exploring newly introduced characters and their dynamic within the world––and their mental psyche.

What would be great is a Disney+ series set during the Blip, which could truly dive into what that world was like. Following a superhero during those dark times could provide endless entertainment and a deeply emotional story.

Hawkeye airs its finale on Wednesday, December 22, streaming exclusively on Disney+.

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