Marvel's Aaron Taylor-Johnson Turned Down Deadpool 2 Role

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Aaron Taylor Johnson Deadpool 2

Aaron Taylor-Johnson is no stranger to the comic book movie game. Next year, he will star in Sony's Spider-Man spin-off Kraven, and he also was a part of the MCU early on, playing Pietro Maximoff (aka Quicksilver) in Avengers: Age of Ultron

Taylor-Johnson first burst onto the scene in a superhero costume by playing the titular hero in 2010's Kick-Ass. Now, years later, it is unknown if the actor would ever return to the MCU or take on any other comic book roles until he was revealed to be playing Kraven the Hunter

But it turns out that if Deadpool director David Leitch had his way, Taylor-Johnson could have had yet another super-powered role. 

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Turned Down Deadpool

Spider-Man, Aaron Talor Johnson

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson revealed that he declined a role in 2018's Deadpool 2

Talking with THR about his work on Bullet Train, the actor said that before being cast in the latest Brad Pitt action-comedy, he knew he had an in with director David Leitch as Leitch had "asked [him] to be in Deadpool 2 ages ago," but did not end up taking on a role in the film: 

"Well, I don’t think it’s autopilot by any means, so I do believe in a bit of fate and luck. I feel fortunate and lucky that we were able to make this movie during a pandemic. I’ve always wanted to work with Brad Pitt. I’ve always wanted to make a movie on a Los Angeles soundstage. This was yet another movie I fought for. This was one of those hot scripts around town, and David Leitch actually asked me to be in Deadpool 2 ages ago."

With this prior relationship, Taylor-Johnson approached David Leitch about Bullet Train, asking, "What about this character?" To which Leitch responded, "Get in line, buddy" as there were " ten other actors who [wanted the] job:"

"So I met him, but I didn’t do that. So when this came around, I was like, “Hey, do you remember me?” And he was like, “Of course. I like you as an actor.” So I was like, “Cool, what about this character?” And he was like, “Get in line, buddy. There’s like ten other actors who want this job and they’ve got a bigger name than you do.” (Laughs.) So I don’t expect these roles to be handed out, and I’m willing to fight for them, which is what I had to do for this. So I think I’m in the driver’s seat because I’m working hard. I also try to manifest what I feel, and sometimes, the universe brings it back my way. But you still have to actively go out and get it."

The Kraven actor also took some time to go into the differences between working on the Sony Spidey spin-off and Bullet Train, making mention of Kraven being "shot entirely on location." Taylor-Johnson said that this on-location strategy will "add something really beautiful to [the] personal story" being told in the upcoming film: 

"Kraven being shot entirely on location is going to make all the difference. It’s going to add something really beautiful to our personal story. It also sets Kraven apart from that Marvel stage look. It’s important for this character to be in the real world. It’s important for the authenticity of the story. When you’re running on streets barefoot, you take in those elements and play within that."

Who Could Have Aaron Taylor-Johnson Played? 

It is interesting to note that Taylor-Johnson actually turned down another comic book role after finding varying degrees of success in the genre prior to that. Maybe at the time, the actor was still coming hot off of Age of Ultron in 2015 and felt he did not want to get pigeonholed by Hollywood as the "superhero guy". 

That is not to say the Quicksilver actor did not enjoy his time in the comic book realm. If he didn't, then why would he be returning with next year's Kraven

But one has to ask what role did Aaron Taylor-Johnson turn down in Deadpool 2? The first name that comes to mind is Cable, which was eventually portrayed by Thanos actor Josh Brolin, but that feels like a big enough part that seems like it would be irresistible for someone like Taylor-Johnson. 

Perhaps he was meant to be a member of the X-Force (akin to Brad Pitt), many of whom died very quick and unfortunate deaths shortly after being introduced. If this was the case, then one can see why the actor would turn down such a role. 

Aaron Taylor-Johnson can be seen in Kraven when it hits theaters on January 13, 2023.

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