The Mandalorian Season 3’s Next Trailer Gets Exciting Release Update

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The Mandalorian Season 3 only debuted its first footage last month during the Star Wars presentation at D23, and there's already news on the next trailer release.

The first trailer for the next batch of Disney+ episodes was officially released to the public during Disney's D23 convention after having been privately screened earlier this year at Star Wars Celebration.

The teaser itself had a lot for fans to digest. This included moments such as Bo-Katan Kryze sitting on her new Mandalore throne, a heaping handful of new Mandalorians, a reunion on Navarro, and plenty of visually spectacular space dog fights in Din Djarin's new ship.

But, as exciting as all of that is, fans have been sitting on it for a long while now, and they're looking for some new information to feast on.

Thankfully, a report from Making Star Wars may be able to offer that up.

When Will The Mandalorian Season 3's Next Trailer Release?

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Making Star Wars is reporting that as it stands now, Lucasfilm is planning to drop the second and final trailer for The Mandalorian's third season on Christmas Day, aka, December 25.

Before that, "if plans do not change," the official poster for the season will be landing on December 14.

The outlet stated that the new trailer would come in at just under two minutes and will introduce Christopher Lloyd's "crusty old white dude" Mando-clan-leader. A shot of his helmet potentially makes it in as well and will feature horns on the top.

Their sources also claim that the second trailer will have "fake-out-like-context" bits in the trailer, such as implying that Din Djarin and Bo-Katan are enemies in the season; in fact, supposedly, they'll mostly be allies for the next run of episodes.

Is The Mandalorian Season 3 Preparing a Surprise Bo-Katan Twist?

While the report indicated there might be a bait and switch with Bo-Katan, a previous set video does seem to show that some sort of betrayal might happen in her part of the world. The glimpse on the set of Mando's third season showed Katie Sackhoff's character fighting her former teammate, Axe Woves. Sadly, no further context was available.

Perhaps, instead of Bo-Katan being the one who turns, her former squad be the bad guys of the upcoming season?

As for Lloyd's new Mandalorian, the world will undoubtedly be enamored with the legendary actor getting such a crucial part to play in the upcoming season.

Another possible plot point for the upcoming episodes could be the introduction of Natasha Liu Bordizzo's Sabine Wren before she goes and makes an even bigger splash in next year's Ahsoka series. In turn, this could lead to more Star Wars: Rebels characters showing their faces, such as Rebel Leader Hera Syndulla.

As for when fans can expect to see The Mandalorian Season 3, the same outlet as above claims that it's currently set to bow on February 22, 2023. Either way, an early 2023 debut is expected.

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