The Mandalorian's Emily Swallow Speaks Out on Gina Carano's Firing

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Mandalorian Armorer Cara Dune

The Mandalorian approaches its third season without one of its most popular characters. 

Star Gina Carano, who played Cara Dune in multiple episodes of Disney+'s first Star Wars show, was fired from Lucasfilm earlier this year. In a statement, a Lucasfilm spokesperson credited her "abhorrent and unacceptable" social media posts for Carano's pink slip.

This news came mere months after Carano's Cara Dune was rumored to be receiving her own spin-off series, as well as a prominent role in the now-cancelled Rangers of the New Republic. While no new developments have surfaced on the future of the Cara Dune character since February, reports circulated shortly after Carano's firing that Dune was expected to be re-cast.

Despite most of Carano's former co-workers remaining tip-lipped on her situation, a season one co-star has spoken up about Carano's firing.

Mandalorian Actress Discusses Gina Carano's Firing

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The Mandalorian's Emily Swallow spoke about Gina Carano's departure during a panel at Atlanta's annual Dragon Con which The Direct attended.

Swallow, who plays the Armorer in three episodes from season one, had nothing but good things to say about her former co-star:

"All I can say is that Gina, and working with her personally, what impressed me about her from the beginning is that she is so interested in other peoples' opinions, and is so welcoming of other peoples' opinions. She wants to have a genuine dialogue. She's just like that in her day-to-day life. On set, she's more curious about other people. She's very giving, she's very gracious."

Most of the details surrounding Carano's pink slip stayed behind the scenes; as Swallow emphasized she "experienced it like [the fans] did" in real-time:

"I know so little about what happened. I experienced it like you did. I don't know anything about the inner workings of it. I can only speak about Gina being a lovely person, which she is."

Carano's firing came as a result of her social media presence, where she regularly shared controversial posts. Swallow says she is "thoroughly baffled" by many aspects of cancel culture, noting she finds it "very dangerous" when people only listen to one side:

"I am thoroughly baffled by a lot of what we're dealing with right now with cancel culture and I think that it's... oh man. There's so many layers to it that are important to look at, but I think that the hatred that comes into it and when people start refusing to listen to the other side, no matter which side they're on, I think that that's really dangerous. One of the things that is so beautiful about our country is we have free speech. We can hear things that we don't like, and we can disagree, and that's fine."

Swallow's Valuable Perspective

The Gina Carano situation is nothing short of messy. Her firing polarized Hollywood, with some praising Disney for taking action, while others criticized the House of Mouse for seemingly axing an employee for her opinions.

Swallow's point of view provides a necessary lens into what is a foggy state of affairs. Regardless of how people feel about Carano's personal beliefs, her firing did set a "dangerous" precedent that an actor could be out of work for what they put on social media.

Carano remains the only person, for now, to be fired for her controversial social media presence. Perspectives like Swallow's are a valuable set of checks and balances for the entertainment industry, as it reminds those in charge to reserve pink slips for the most extreme circumstances.

The Mandalorian's first two seasons are streaming in full on Disney+.

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