Madame Blanc Mysteries Season 4 Gets Exciting Update from Creator

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Madame Blanc Mysteries Sally Lindsay

The creator behind Madame Blanc Mysteries offered fans a hopeful update about the series' potential Season 4. 

Airing on Channel 5 in England and AcornTV internationally, the cozy crime dramedy has been winning over fans thanks to its lovable cast and head-scratching mysteries, which are backdropped by the French countryside. 

Following the conclusion of Season 3 in February, the guarantee of more episodes has not been made public, with fans wondering if the series will ever return to TV

The First Hints of Madame Blanc Mysteries Season 4 

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Madame Blanc Mysteries

In an interview with Virgin Radio, Madame Blanc Mysteries creator Sally Lindsay revealed some exciting news about Season 4 of the hit TV series. 

Lindsay pulled the curtain back on where the series stands in terms of another season, saying they are "waiting on" the greenlight for Season 4:

Virgin Radio: "After that, you got series 4 in the bag?

Lindsay: "Not yet, but hopefully.

Virgin Radio: "Are you waiting on that again?"

Lindsay: "Yeah, still waiting on it."

While Season 4 has not yet been given the go-ahead, according to the Madame Blanc creative, she is "sure [they] will have one," marking an exciting first indication that the next season is all but guaranteed:

Virgin Radio: "What did Channel 5 expect, everyone to just stop watching all of a sudden? We love the Madame Blanc Mysteries! What is wrong with you?"

Lindsay: "It's complicated, but I'm sure we will have one."

"I've written it in my head," Lindsay added, saying she has "plotted" Season 4 but not yet put pen to paper:

Virgin Radio: "It's complicated..."

Lindsay: "I think we will have, yeah. But I mean, I've written it in my head, so hopefully..."

Virgin Radio: "Have you actually?"

Lindsay: "Yeah, I've plotted it." 

Will Madame Blanc Mysteries Season 4 Happen?

While no Madam Blanc Mysteries Season 4 announcement has been made public, it seems like it will be a matter of time before the show is given the green light. 

Sally Lindsay is probably right to be as "sure" as she is about more episodes of her hit crime comedy. 

The series has been one of Channel 5's biggest in recent memory. It averages 2.5 million viewers across its episodes (via TV ZoneUK), and that is not even taking into account streaming numbers from its home on AcronTV

While reviews have been middling (the show has a 62% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes), these viewership numbers cannot be denied. 

If Linsday has more story to tell - which she noted in her recent Virgin Radio interview that she did - Channel 5 would be smart to keep the Madame Blanc train running for as long as the network can. 

The Madame Blanc Season 3 announcement came a few months after Season 2 wrapped up in February 2023. 

So, with Season 3 ending recently, there is still plenty of time before fans should worry about the hit series getting a Season 4. 

Madame Blanc Mysteries can be streamed now on Acorn TV. 

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