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As Marvel Studios ramps up towards its 2022 slate of MCU content, the studio is still reveling in the glory that came with its 2021 offerings. As a part of last year's calendar, the MCU took a dive into the world of streaming for the first time, garnering multiple award nods for their efforts. Amongst these was last summer's mischievous Multiversal adventure Loki.

The series not only jump-started the whole idea of the MCU Multiverse but also earned recognition from critics worldwide for its excellence in storytelling. Show star Tom Hiddleston won the People's Choice Award for "The Male TV Star of 2021," and the project earned multiple nominations from the Screen Actors Guild Awards as well as the Writers Guild of America Awards

Loki did not bring home any hardware at the SAG Awards earlier in the year, and despite not winning at the WGA Awards, the team still decided to share their acceptance speech. 

Miss Minutes Has Some Thank Yous

Loki Miss Minutes

After not winning at the Writers Guild of America Awards, Loki writer Michael Waldron shared the acceptance speech that he had prepared in the case that the MCU show won. 

In a tweet, Waldron posted a video voiced by Miss Minutes (Tara Strong) thanking "the WGA, [the] fellow nominees, and the show's incredible cast and crew."

The video starts out with fairly normal award speech fare but slowly descends into chaos like Loki itself. After small thank-yous are handed out, the mysterious Miss Minutes warns that the show writers are "about to be pruned," along with everyone watching at home.

The tweet accompanying the video had Waldron congratulating "Succession and Hacks" for their WGA wins, with the writer saying "Here’s the speech we submitted in case we won."

See the full video below:


For All Time, Always

So turns out that even awards shows are not safe from the cold grasp of Miss Minutes and her incredible pruning abilities. In all seriousness, though, it is cool to see the creative thought that went into something like this. 

While a normal awards speech would have sufficed if Loki had actually won, Waldron and co. took it upon themselves to do something innovative and unique. It is just too bad that this is how it had to come into the world, and not after the team was celebrating a WGA win. 

It would not be hard for one to imagine the electricity and confusion in the room when, after hearing that Loki was the big winner, Miss Minutes popped up on-screen to accept the award. Then that confusion would get even deeper as this little orange clock proceeded to go on about "pruning" and sending people to "the Void."

Surely most of the people watching at home and sitting in the room would have gotten the joke, but there would have been some hilarity in thinking about those who did not. 

Despite all this, it feels as though the Loki creative team is keeping those chaotic creative juices flowing. Hopefully, that all carries over into the title's eventual Season 2

Season 1 of Loki  is available to stream now on Disney+.

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