LEGO Harry Potter 2024 - 9 Sets Expected to Release Next Year

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Here's every LEGO Harry Potter set expected to release next year in 2024.

The world's most famous toy brand LEGO has, in part, built its brand on collaborations with major brands, including the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

The partnership has already produced two games adapting the seven books along with new sets released regularly going as far back as 2001.

Every LEGO Harry Potter Set Expected for 2024

76424: Flying Ford Angela

Harry Potter Flying Car
Warner Bros.

First up on the rumored LEGO Harry Potter roster for 2024 comes the 165-piece "Flying Ford Anglia" based on the early moments of The Chamber of Secrets which saw Harry and Ron journey to Hogwarts in the Weasley's flying car.

The set will retail for $14.99 and debut in March 2024, with the included minifigures being Harry, Ron, Hedwig, and Scabbers.

76425: 4 Privet Drive Sign With Hedwig

Harry Potter Privet Drive
Warner Bros.

Another of the smaller sets comes with the 337-piece 4 Privet Drive road sign that will include a mini brick-built Hedwig owl to place on top of the sign.

Retailing for $19.99 and similarly expected to arrive in March 2024, the set will commemorate the Dursleys' family home uniquely, seemingly without featuring the home in any capacity.

76426: Boat House/Arrival at Hogwarts

Harry Potter Boat Scene
Warner Bros.

Turning attention to the more magical realm, a 350-piece set will explore the students' arrival at Hogwarts from The Sorcerer's Stone, with the set expected to include boats and the castle's Boat House.

Coming to stores at $37.99, the set will be accompanied by four minifigures, including Harry Potter, Professor McGonagall, and two other students.

76248: Hagrid’s Hut: An Unexpected Visit

Harry Potter Hagrids Hut
Warner Bros.

Again inspired by The Sorcerer's Stone, "Hagrid's Hut: An Unexpected Visit" will include 896 pieces, featuring the aforementioned half-giant's home along with a small side building to go along with it.

The set celebrates the leading trio of Harry, Ron, and Hermione's visit to the hut where they discovered Norbert the baby dragon. 

Retailing for $74.99 and debuting in March 2024, the set will include minifigures of Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, and Draco, along with Fang and Norbert.

76249: Sorting Hat (18+)

Harry Potter Sorting Hat
Warner Bros.

The adult-oriented version of the "Sorting Hat" set will allow collectors to build Hogwarts' famous talking hat with 561 pieces, creating a nifty decorative piece for any fan.

Included will be a sound brick, presumably to allow the hat to talk, along with a mouth and eyes that can move as well.

76430: Hogwarts Owlery

Harry Potter Owlery
Warner Bros.

Moving past The Sorcerer's Stone-focused sets comes the "Hogwarts Owlery," where the school's and students' owls lived through the year. 

The 364-piece set will be released in March 2024 and include figures based on Harry Potter, Cho Chang, and Argus Filch, selling for $44.99.

76432: Forbidden Forest: Magical Creatures

Harry Potter Forbidden Forest
Warner Bros.

The "Forbidden Forest: Magical Creatures" set will come with 172 pieces and celebrate Hogwarts' mysterious forest and the creatures that inhabit it.

Among the creatures involved will be the Hippogriff Buckbeak, with figures included for both Ron and Hermione. The small-scale toy will come to market in March 2024 for $29.99.

What other creatures will come as part of the Forbidden Forest set is currently unclear, but the Acromantula and Centaurs are both reasonable contenders.

40677: Harry Potter Brickheadz

Harry Potter Brickheadz

Releasing in March 2024 for $49.99, LEGO Harry Potter will deliver another Brickheadz set, with the exact buildable characters included still to be confirmed, although based on the past fans are expecting at least four.

The Brickheadz line already delivered figures of some of the franchise's biggest players, including many of the most important kids, Hogwarts professors, Voldemort, Bellatrix, and certain members of the Order of the Phoenix.

Perhaps the Order of the Phoenix may take the spotlight more this time around as only a few members have been adapted so far, and characters such as Remus Lupin and Sirius Black are well overdue for their turn to come to Brickheadz form. 

The Burrow

Harry Potter The Burrow
Warner Bros.

Plans for a new set based on the Weasley family home of The Burrow were revealed via a LEGO survey, but the specifics are likely to change for the design before it makes its way to market.

The survey listed a 2388-piece count, marking a massive increase on the 1047-piece scale of the last version, "Attack on the Burrow."

The set is expected to be far bigger and more detailed than the last version, with nine minifigures and a feature to allow dishes to magically wash themselves.

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