Star Wars: Lucasfilm Issues Surprising Statement on Kevin Feige's Movie

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Kevin Feige, Star Wars

Lucasfilm boss Kathleen Kennedy shed some light on the Star Wars movie which was supposedly being produced by Marvel’s Kevin Feige.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige is seemingly one of the busiest people in Hollywood. Responsible for producing and managing the continually expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe, the guy has a lot of plates to keep spinning at any given time.

That’s why it came as something of a surprise when, back in 2019, it was reported that Feige was developing a Star Wars feature film that he would also produce. But, as it turns out, things might not have been what they seemed to be.

Feige-led Star Wars Movie Never Developed

Kevin Feige, Kathleen Kennedy, Star Wars
Star Wars

Speaking to IGN at Star Wars Celebration 2023, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy spilled the beans on Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige’s Star Wars movie. 

Quite unexpectedly, Kennedy asserted that there was never any such film in development, going so far as to say that the studio "never discussed an idea":

Kevin Feige's project was something announced in the press, or I suppose, fandom. But, there was nothing... Nothing ever got developed. We never discussed an idea. As everybody knows Kevin, is a huge Star Wars fan. If he did come up with something, I would be all ears. But, that's never really happened. So, it's not an abandoned project. It just never really happened."

She is quick to mention that, although an idea was never even discussed, she would be very receptive to any pitch made by Feige. But it is a tad shocking that his much-publicized Star Wars installment was seemingly never a thing.

It’s doubly surprising when one factors in the fact that screenwriter Michael Waldron stated in 2022 that he had already begun penning the movie’s script, "finally into it in earnest... writing away." Either certain parties got their wires crossed, or someone isn’t being entirely truthful about the nature of Feige’s project.

IGN also inquired about the status of some of the other Star Wars projects that some have deemed to be "shelved." Kennedy denied that particular status, noting that development of content is a "long-term process."

"Well, those things haven't been shelved. Development is a complicated, long-term process. Some people, we're dealing with scheduling. Because, obviously, really talented people are working. So, it's often not a shelving. It's just an, 'Is it ready?' That's really what it comes down to…“

Would Kevin Feige Even Have Time for Star Wars?

As indicated, Kevin Feige is an extraordinarily busy man. This is also in the midst of some fans feeling that the MCU has fallen from grace post-Avengers: Endgame, with middling reviews and, at times, poor box office performance.

So, it’s safe to say that Feige and his team over at Marvel Studios have their hands full, especially as they transition into a philosophy of quality over quantity as evidenced in many MCU projects getting delayed. In short: He very likely has no time to make a Star Wars movie.

Still, it is a tad curious that fans have gotten two separate, conflicting reports over whether or not Feige’s movie ever really existed...

Nevertheless, there’s still tons of Star Wars content on the horizon. Three new films were announced at Celebration, including a feature that details the origins of the Jedi. Also among the new theatrical projects are a MandoVerse crossover movie and a Rise of Skywalker sequel of sorts.

And as for Kathleen Kennedy’s claim that some Star Wars projects have not been shelved, this is probably accurate. Development of a movie or TV show does take a really long time. In fact, Donald Glover very recently claimed that his seemingly forgotten Lando show was still on the table. 

It’s often said that patience is key, and hopefully, said patience will pay off when it comes to a Galaxy Far, Far Away.

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