Justice League: Zack Snyder Confirms Visual Effects Shot Count in Snyder Cut

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Barry Allen, Zack Snyder, and Steppenwolf.

Zack Snyder's cut of Justice League has come a long way from the little hashtag that could. After the announcement that the Snyder Cut would indeed become a reality, premiering on HBO Max sometime in 2021, fans could not be more excited about the prospect of seeing everything Zack Snyder had to offer for the Justice League of America.

DC FanDome then added more fuel to Justice League's flame, revealing a full-length trailer for the confirmed four hours of pure Snyder content. After the trailer was released, Zack Snyder still had more to say about the upcoming project, including a piece of information about just how many visual effects will be going into his version of the film.


During a discussion with the Reel in Motion Roundtable, Zack Snyder confirmed that there are over 2000 visual effects shots in the Snyder Cut, which has been confirmed to be released in four one-hour segments.

While 2000 shots of visual effects sounds like a large number, that number is actually quite low for a four-hour comic book film. For comparison, Avengers: Endgame, which had a runtime of three hours and two minutes, had 2,500 VFX shots. Even a film like Man of Steel, which had a runtime of two hours and twenty-eight minutes, has around 1,500 VFX shots.


Justice League will be two hours longer than Man of Steel and one hour longer than Endgame, but feature a number of VFX shots close to those films, meaning that a lot of shots must have been filmed practically and on sets, without the help of green screens.

The trailer did show plenty of shots that were more intimate and character-driven, such as the scene of Lois Lane and Martha Kent grieving together over the loss of Clark, and maybe those are types of deleted scenes that fans can look forward to.

The news of how many VFX shots will be in the Snyder Cut means that the four-hour film may be heading in the direction of more emotional substance than visual spectacle, and for a group of characters as iconic as the Justice League, a large amount of quieter, more emotionally complex scenes will be a welcome addition.

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