Who Is Joe Bradley from Below Deck Mediterranean? 4 Things to Know About Him

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Joe Bradley from Below Deck Mediterranean

Joe Bradley is the lead deckhand of Below Deck Mediterranean, and there are plenty of interesting facts fans should know about him.

Below Deck Mediterranean is a spin-off of the original Below Deck series and began in 2016.

The show follows the crew members of a superyacht who both live and work on the boat during a charter season.

Everything Fans Should Know About Joe Bradley

Joe Bradley in Below Deck Mediterranean

Joe Bradley Has a Lot of Hobbies

Joe Bradley, the lead deckhand on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 9, has more than one hobby he likes to pursue when he is not on the sea.

According to his brief profile on Bravo's website, some of Joe's hobbies include "rock climbing, go-karting, motorbikes, the awe of sunsets, dancing, playing the guitar, piano and swimming."

While not technically a hobby, it is important to mention that Joe is from Alicante, Spain, and also, according to his Bravo bio, he is fluent in Spanish.

Joe Has Some Wild Yachting Stories

Joe Bradley only has three years of experience in the yachting industry, but that does not mean he doesn't still have some wild stories to tell.

For example, Joe shared via the Bravo website that one time, he witnessed "a Catamaran crash in Italy:"

"There was a Catamaran crash in Italy. A huge Catamaran lost power and crashed against all the boats."

For context, a Catamaran is a type of boat with two parallel hulls on the bottom that help resist rolling and overturning. It is also important to note that Catamarans can be as small as 35 feet long or as big as 150 feet, so if the Catamaran that crashed was rather large, it would have been a major incident.

Another crazy story that Joe shared publicly is regarding what a guest tipped him. Of course, since yacht crews do so much work, it is customary and polite for guests to tip them.

However, one guest must not have received the memo that most people tip workers in cash.

According to Joe, this guest instead tipped him "a packet of nuts," and, ironically, the man was the owner of "a nut packaging company." As if it couldn't get worse than that, Joe also revealed that the nuts "weren't even salted:"

"I had a guy onboard who owned a nut packaging company and I got a packet of nuts. They weren’t even salted."

Joe Revealed the Truth About His Feelings on Bri and Ellie

Below Deck Mediterranean wouldn't be a true reality show without some drama

Since the show's Season 9 began, it was clear that a love triangle was already forming between Joe and two stewardesses, Elena "Ellie" Dubaich and Bri Muller.

Both Bri and Ellie admitted to being attracted to Joe and wanting to pursue things further with him, with Bri even revealing in a confessional that "everyone has needs, and sometimes, [her] needs need to be met."

Ultimately, Bri and Ellie decide to help one another, with each confident that Joe will pick them over the other.

Since the show is still airing, fans don't know how everything will play out between Joe and the two ladies.

However, after appearing on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen (as shared on YouTube), Joe was asked to play a game called Between Two Stews, where he was given different questions and had to choose which woman (either Bri or Ellie) fit the description better.

Joe admitted to noticing Ellie before he did Bri, but Joe picked Bri for nearly every question.

For example, he chose Bri over Ellie when asked who was the better flirt, who the crew liked better, who had a better sense of humor, and who had the better smile.

It is also important to mention that Joe revealed he is currently blocked by Ellie. While it was not explicitly stated, it seems as though things worked out much better with Bri than they did with Ellie.

Yes, Joe Met His Joe Bradley Doppelganger

Interestingly, Joe Bradley from Below Deck Mediterranean Season 9 is not the only person with that name on a Bravo series.

The other (and American) Joe Bradley has appeared on a show called Southern Hospitality.

Below Deck Med's Joe revealed via Bravo that the two met in person in Miami, Florida when the American Joe Bradley's "girlfriend was DJing:"

"So his girlfriend was DJing at, like, this venue in Miami. I said, 'Brother, get your ass here.' And there it was. I met the American Joe Bradley."

Below Deck Med's Joe even posted a photo on his Instagram from when the other Joe came down to Miami, indicating that the two genuinely like one another.

How to Follow Joe Bradley Online

Joe Bradley can be found on Instagram (@joebradley_).

New episodes of Below Deck Mediterranean are released every Monday at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo and stream the next day on Peacock.

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