Joaquin Phoenix's Joker Receives +$1000 Collectible Figure

By Jennifer McDonough Posted:
Joker, Joaquin Phoenix

2019's Joker was an indisputable hit for Warner Bros. and DC. The film starred Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck, an unstable man who slowly morphs into the villainous title character. It was a hit among fans and critics alike, earning 11 Academy Award nominations, including a Best Actor award for Phoenix's performance.

Merchandise for the film has been limited, with very few action figures or toys available at retail. This is most likely due to the film's very adult tone and R-rating. It has been suspected that WB is greatly restricting the merchandise licensees on what types of products they can make as they presumably want to avoid marketing any part of this movie to children.


Iron Studios, a high end statue company, has debuted their Joker statue from the film. At a $1,099.99 price point, the statue features a very high level of detail and stands at 1:3 scale or 29.5 inches tall. The piece also includes an alternate set of arms that can be swapped out.

Iron Studios

Here's a head-on view of the statue.

Iron Studios

A closer look at the detail reveals a stunning likeness to Phoenix.

Iron Studios

The above image shows just how big this statue is.


As mentioned above, Warner Bros. has been very restrictive on what kind of products based on Joker are allowed to be out on the market. Perhaps this is a sign that things are loosening up, although the high price tag is almost certainly an extenuating circumstance as it signals that this is not a toy for kids.

At any rate, it's a very impressive looking piece. The Joker is seen in a dancing pose meant to recreate the now-famous sequence from the film in which he dances on some steps.

Additionally, there is a very clear and accurate likeness to Joaquin Phoenix. The entire sculpt is extremely dynamic and expressive. One can even see a splashes of water coming off of his shoes.

There's nothing concrete on a follow-up or sequel to Joker, although it's reported that some at Warner Bros are interested in giving the Joker treatment to various other members of Batman's rogues gallery.

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