James Gunn Shares His Personal MCU Trilogy Rankings

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James Gunn, Guardians of the Galaxy

Times are tough for everybody right now with the Coronavirus keeping the entire world sequestered inside and forcing many businesses to close their doors until further notice. It has also led to the movie industry coming to a standstill and multiple studios shifting their release schedules . This is leaving the general public with not much more to do than try to stay connected on social media, and one of the most utilized avenues in this regard is through movies.

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans in particular are fortunate to have a huge catalog of material to work through, with all 23 movies of the Infinity Saga and multiple television series available on DVD's and home streaming services. Some of the biggest names in the movie industry have been sharing their movie opinions through their social media platforms over the last few weeks, including how they rate different movie series. A new social media post brings more of these ratings that shed some new light on the MCU from one of its biggest directors.


Through two separate posts on Twitter, Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy director James Gunn shared his personal rankings of all three movies in the Iron Man and Thor trilogies, as well as his thoughts on movie sequels he felt were better than their originals. Through his tweets, Gunn revealed his ranking of the Iron Man trilogy to be: 1.) Iron Man, 2.) Iron Man 3, 3.) Iron Man 2 as well as his ranking of the Thor trilogy to be 1.) Thor: Ragnarok, 2.) Thor, 3.) Thor: The Dark World. Further, he shared that Captain America: The Winter Soldier is his favorite film in the Captain America trilogy.


Even considering how much people have to do to pass the time during this pandemic, it's quite interesting and illuminating to go inside the mind of one of the MCU's most celebrated directors. Gunn has been one of the most open directors in Hollywood the past few years in terms of sharing secrets and stories behind his movies, and he has been very interactive with fans that have pressing questions about his work and opinions.

Seeing Gunn rank Captain America: The Winter Soldier as both his favorite moive of the trilogy and better than Captain America: The First Avenger shows just how great of a job Joe and Anthony Russo did with their first movie in the MCU and how much he respects their work. Similarly, his sentiments of the original Iron Man being the best movie of its trilogy and Thor: Ragnarok ranking on top of its own group seemingly places his rankings in line with those of many MCU fans, both films earning rave reviews as some of the best work Marvel Studios has offered to date. Currently, Gunn is hard at work preparing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 , which does not have a confirmed release date.

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