Is Leprechaun Movie With Peter Dinklage Real or Fake? Remake Speculation Explained

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Leprechaun Poster Peter Dinklage

A new movie poster convinced fans a remake of Leprechaun starring Peter Dinklage is on the way. 

The cult-hit horror franchise has not seen a mainline entry since 2018, consisting of eight movies dating back to January 1993. 

While each film in the series differs in plot, they largely center around unassuming Westerners bringing back a Leprechaun from Ireland, with the pint-sized mythical figure going on a killing spree because of it. 

Is Peter Dinklage's Leprechaun Remake Real?

Peter Dinklage Leprechaun Remake

Audiences have been induced into a fever over an alleged movie poster for a Leprechaun remake starring Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage. 

The poster recently appeared on social media, sporting Dinklage as the franchise's iconic big bad. 

He is seen wearing a bright green hat and red-tinged beard, with the poster saying the film is set to be released in October 2024.

The remake is described as a "thrilling adventure" starring Dinklage alongside Black Widow actress Florence Pugh and Black Adam's Noah Centineo:

"Prepare for a thrilling adventure with Peter Dinklage in this utterly mad remake of 'Leprechaun.' Joining Dinklage are Florence Pugh and Noah Centineo as they face off against the mischievous Leprechaun in a small Irish town. Plus, keep an eye out for a surprise cameo by Jennifer Anniston, adding a nostalgic touch to this exciting remake. Don't miss 'Leprechaun' hitting theaters this October for an unforgettable cinematic journey.

However convincing the poster may be, though, this particular remake is not in the works.

While Peter Dinklage's Leprechaun remake is not happening, that is not to say the franchise is dead. 

According to reporting, Leprechaun rightsholder Lionsgate was seeking pitches for a new film in the long-running franchise in April 2022 (via Bloody Disgusting). 

While it would take some time for more information about this next Leprechaun movie to emerge, a reboot could eventually be unveiled. 

Announced in June 2023, Lionsgate found its pot of gold at the end of the Leprechaun rainbow, announcing a reboot from Felipe Vargas (known for his award-winning short Milk Teeth). 

Details beyond that remain scarce, but it has been revealed the live-action Lilo & Stitch scribe Mike Van Waes would pen the script for the movie as the studio reimagines its longest-running franchise (per The Hollywood Reporter). 

No story specifics have been made public for the upcoming film, but it has been rumored legacy franchise stars like Jennifer Anniston and Warwick Davis could return in some capacity. 

While Davis left the series in 2003, he has since told BANG ShowBiz (via Screen Rant) that he would be interested in coming back if given the opportunity:

"You know what, we did six 'Leprechaun' films, and around Halloween people always watch them and love them. Horror is an interesting medium. I think it's different when you have kids; you look at horror in a slightly different way. Since I finished the 'Leprechaun' films I had kids and I see the world through their eyes, and to be in a horror movie right now is probably not quite right. I will wait until my son turns 18 and then I'll do some horror again."

The Leprechaun reboot has no public release date. 

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