MCU: New Ironheart Set Photo Spoils Key Doctor Strange Connection

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A new photo from the set of Ironheart coming to Disney+ has teased a connection to the MCU's Doctor Strange

Black Panther 2 isn't just taking audiences back to Wakanda, it's also expanding both the world of the MCU and its roster of characters with the introduction of Namor the Sub-mariner and Riri Williams as Ironheart

Played by Dominique Thorne, Riri Williams is set to take to the skies in the November sequel before starring in her own series on Disney+. 

While this new heroine already has established ties to both Wakanda and Iron Man, a new photo from the Ironheart set has teased yet another link to an established Avenger.

Twitter user @DrStrangeUpdate posted a photo from the set of Ironheart showing a bookstore named "Stanton's Sweets, Reads & More."

According to Murphy's Multiverse, Regan Aliyah is expected to appear in Ironheart as the comic book character, Zelma Stanton. 

After Zelma is helped by Doctor Strange in the comics, she later becomes the Sanctum Santorum's librarian. 

This is before she chooses to take up magic herself and become Strange's apprentice. 

Marvel Zelma Stanton

While Ironheart is expected to be a tech-heavy series, magic is also confirmed to play a major role. In fact, these two corners of the MCU are expected to go head to head; and Zelma Stanton won't be the only character with mystical connections. 

In addition to Anthony Ramos playing The Hood, rumors suggest that Mephisto will also appear played by Sacha Baron Cohen

Is Doctor Strange or Wong Bound for Ironheart on Disney+?

Since this set photo shows Zelma Stanton running her own store, it's unlikely that the character is working at the Sanctum Santorum just yet. 

Besides, the last audiences saw Doctor Strange, he was following Charlie Theron's Clea into the Dark Dimension

However, Wong is technically the current Sorcerer Supreme with a reputation for making Disney+ cameos. Jennifer Walters even teased future Wong appearances in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

Regardless of whether either sorcerer will appear, it wouldn't be surprising if the series contains additional nods to the mystical arts as magic and technology collide. 

It will also be interesting to see the extent of Zelma Stanton's role and how she'll contribute to the series and potentially Doctor Strange's own saga. 

Ironheart arrives on Disney+ in Fall 2023.

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