Harry Potter Reboot With New Actors In Development (Report)

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According to a new report, the time for a Harry Potter reboot is here, as a new streaming series, which would feature brand new actors, is in the works with HBO.

Harry Potter as a franchise is in an interesting place as of late.

On the movie side of the equation, Warner Bros.' Fantastic Beasts series of films did so poorly that the studio decided to end them earlier than originally anticipated. So, sadly, audiences likely won't be seeing any more stories about Dumbledore and Grindelwald.

Most recently, the Hogwarts Legacy video game was released, and fans have been loving it. As one would expect, it's increased the desire for more projects and stories from that magical world.

Now it seems that it's finally time for the franchise to hit streaming. 

A Harry Potter TV Reboot Reportedly on the Way

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According to one of Bloomberg's sources, Warner Bros. and HBO are near completing a deal with JK Rowling to produce a new Harry Potter television series.

Each season of the hypothetical show would focus on a different one of Rowling's original books—meaning that, at the very least, there would be seven seasons of content if the project moves forward.

This show would be for Warner Bros.' new streaming service, which will be the product of HBO Max and Discovery+ merging together in the future.

This streaming series would also mean that new actors would be taking over the roles of Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Emma Watson (Hermione Granger), Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley), and the countless other stars whose portrayals in the original movies made them famous, starting with The Sorcerer's Stone back in 2001.

While there will be a deal with JK Rowling if the project is given the green light, the author would not run the show day to day or serve as its primary creator. Instead, she would simply be an advisor to help ensure that the show remains loyal to the source material.

Harry Potter's Modern Rebirth

There will certainly be plenty of people against a reboot. After all, the movies are iconic and dear to so many people.

However, bringing the series to life as a television show could create an entirely unique and different experience and help incorporate more modern sensibilities into Harry Potter's story.

A streaming project would also provide plenty of space for the seasons to explore elements of the books that the movies left out. Perhaps the world could get a proper Peeves, or better characterizations for the likes of Ron or Ginny. And each set of episodes could add some completely new and unique world-building.

Obviously, there will always be the transphobic JK Rowling problems. But, at the end of the day, the franchise is larger than life—so it's not going anywhere, and neither is the person who created it in the first place.

However, much like she was with Hogwarts Legacy, being in the position of what amounts to an advisor doesn't give the author any agency over any project. So, while she'll technically be there, she doesn't really have a hand in creating any final product.

Needless to say, a majority of her fanbase would like her hands to be as far away as possible.

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