Guardians of the Galaxy: Seth Green Keeps Quiet On Howard the Duck's MCU Future

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Howard the Duck, Seth Green

The Guardians of the Galaxy franchise introduced fans to a ragtag group of lovable misfits who have become an integral part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The massive success of the franchise led to an eventual sequel while also delivering on the promise of interacting with the MCU's Earth-based heroes during the previous two Avengers films. Aside from that, interesting tidbits about the franchise's films and characters are still making the rounds thanks to Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn's nonstop chatter in social media .

While the Guardians franchise has been known to include fun Easter Eggs for fans to break down , another staple from the amusing franchise is its captivating cameos. Among the long list, many would argue that the surprising inclusion of Howard the Duck during the post-credits scene of the first film stands out the most. Since then, the character has briefly appeared in other MCU films such as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and, most recently, Avengers: Endgame .

Not much is known about the character's future, but a recent interview may have shed some light on it.


In an interview with Comicbookmovie , Seth Green, the voice of Howard the Duck, played coy when he was asked about the future of Howard the Duck in the MCU:

"I think even if I was sure of that, it's not something I could mention ."

Despite that, Green opened up about his experience of voicing the character by revealing that it is "a genuine honor:"

"It's awesome, man. I went to see the original Howard the Duck movie in theaters and I have particularly loved this more sincere interpretation or translation of all these characters and ideas. So getting to play a character like Howard the Duck even in as limited a form as I have is a thrill! It's a genuine honor. "

Green also shared his inspiration for voicing Howard the Duck, with him revealing that he always imagined the character of "being sort of a gruff and cynical sarcastic character:"

"James Gunn and I just talked about it a little bit and he said he saw him as kind of a Danny DeVito - we always imagined him being sort of a gruff and cynical sarcastic character. Howard doesn't know what the Earth species of duck even is and doesn't think of himself that way and is offended by that generalization."


Green's comments about the potential involvement of Howard the Duck in the future of the MCU could be a tease of what's to come for the character. Actors under the MCU umbrella have been known to be very secretive in terms of their character's role moving forward, and Green's tight-lipped remark could hint that there is a future for Howard the Duck after all.

In many ways, this comes as to no surprise due to James Gunn's fondness for the character. Previously, Drax actor Dave Bautista revealed in an interview that "as long as there’s a James Gunn directing the film, there’s a possibility of a Howard the Duck," strongly hinting that the character's presence in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 is a no-brainer. In line with that, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has also revealed his admiration for the Marvel character by teasing that the fun thing about Howard is "he shows up where you least expect him."

Despite the character's brief appearances, it is no question that Howard the Duck has been adored by many MCU fans. In a way, Green's portrayal of the character has also been topnotch, and his collaboration with Gunn about the characterization of Howard proved to be successful during those cameos.

Overall, the random appearance of the character makes him an interesting part of the billion-dollar franchise.

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