First Look at Disney+’s Guardians Holiday Special Revealed by LEGO (Photos)

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Guardians of the Galaxy, Holiday Special

Fans have been waiting quite a long time to see the Guardians of the Galaxy back for a proper adventure. Sure, they were in Thor: Love and Thunder, but their short time there hardly counts. Thankfully, however, audiences don’t even have to wait until next year’s Vol. 3 to see them once again. By the end of this year, Marvel Studios will be releasing a holiday Disney+ special with the beloved cast of cosmic misfits.

But what could the story be about? Well, director James Gunn has already teased the introduction of Marvel’s best character—whatever that means. 

Also, based on set photos, the story will see Drax and Mantis return to Earth for some reason. Maybe to get Peter Quill something special for the holidays?

Now, thanks to a newly revealed LEGO set, viewers have their first glimpse at what to expect going into Gunn’s zany Holiday Special; it might include a sleigh, The Collector, and an unusual Christmas tree.

LEGO Gives First Look at Holiday Special

Thanks to the LEGO Instructions App, fans now have their first look at The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special.

A newly revealed advent calender for the Disney+ event shows off the gang getting ready for the Holidays; Groot is becoming a Christmas tree, Star-Lord is flying around, Rocket's cooking dinner, and Mantis looks to be grabbing a drink.

Guardians of the Galaxy, Holiday Special, LEGO

The advent calender aspect of the product offers something fun every day leading up to Christmas. Also, it seems that Peter Quill may have stolen Santa's sleigh.

Guardians of the Galaxy, Holiday Special, LEGO

The visual look is reminiscent of The Collector's Collection on Knowhere. Could that be where it all takes place?

The Collector, Guardians of the Galaxy
Marvel Studios

Director James Gunn formerly teased that Santa may be making his first official MCU debut, and it seems like he wasn't lying. What could be in his bag of gifts?

Guardians of the Galaxy, LEGO

Here's a look at all the various bits and bobs included with the set. Is that Thanos' armor under the candy cane?

Guardians of the Galaxy, LEGO


How Will Gunn Bring the Crazy in the Holiday Special?

Given James Gunn’s love for crazy, the Holiday Special will undoubtedly be an adventure to remember.

It has previously been confirmed that everyone’s favorite telepathic Russian dog will make his first proper appearance in the special. Though, when it comes to the MCU, he will actually be a she, as Maria Bakalova was announced to be voicing the character.

This could be why the LEGO set seems to depict The Collector’s collection. That’s the last place audiences saw Cosmo in the first Guardians of the Galaxy—maybe she’s just been hiding out there?

Then, there seems to be Santa’s sleigh. Will Gunn actually introduce the Jolly giver of gifts? While he probably won’t be the Omega mutant he is in the comics, fans should probably expect to see something notably wacky in his portrayal.

Hopefully, Marvel will bring something to show fans in the upcoming Holiday Special at D23, its second big presentation of the year.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 hits theaters on May 5, 2023, while the Holiday Special lands on Disney+ by the end of this year.

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