Full Cast of Garfield Movie 2024: Every Main Actor & Character (Photos)

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Chris Pratt, Garfield

The Garfield Movie, a 2024 animated film from Sony Pictures, features an impressive cast of franchise stars. 

Set to release May 24, 2024, and inspired by Jim Davis's comic strip, The Garfield Movie follows the lazy, lasagna-loving cat Garfield as he embarks on an adventure with his estranged, street cat father named Vic.

The Garfield Movie is the third theatrical Garfield film but only the second to feature a brand-new cast of actors voicing the classic comic strip characters. 

Every Main Actor & Character in The Garfield Movie

Chris Pratt - Garfield

Chris Pratt, Garfield from The Garfield Movie
Chris Pratt

Not only is Chris Pratt a familiar face in live-action franchises, such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World, but his voice is becoming equally familiar in the world of animated blockbusters having voiced Emmet in The Lego Movie and Mario in The Super Mario Bros. Movie

For The Garfield Movie, Pratt once again voices the star of the film; and from what the first trailer revealed, his Garfield is staying true to the comic strip's character's love of carbs and the pampered house cat life. 

However, the upcoming film also looks to show Garfield outside his comfort zone as he embarks on an outdoor adventure with his estranged father. 

Harvey Guillén - Odie

Harvey Guillén, Odie from The Garfield Movie
Harvey Guillén

Set to voice Odie, the loveable but hyper yellow dog who lives alongside Garfield, is actor Harvey Guillén who recently appeared in Blue Beetle, Wish, and Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

While Odie often bears the brunt of Garfield's sarcasm and disdain in the comics and 2004's Garfield: The Movie, this film's trailer only shows Garfield introducing Odie to his father and Odie then joining Garfield on his newest adventure.

Samuel L. Jackson - Vic

Samuel L. Jackson, Vic from The Garfield Movie
Samuel L. Jackson

Following his roles in Secret Invasion and The Marvels, Samuel L. Jackson provides the voice for Vic, Garfield's long-lost, street-smart father. 

While Jackson is best known for his live-action roles, he's no stranger to voice acting having lent his voice for Frozone for The Incredibles, Mace Windu in Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie, and Nick Fury in What If...?

Vic isn't a new Garfield character but has been redesigned for the film and he now sports orange fur, just like Garfield, and is significantly bigger and more muscular. 

Nicholas Hoult - Jon Arbuckle

Nicholas Hoult, Jon Arbuckle from The Garfield Movie
Nicholas Hoult

While previous Garfield movies featured a live-action Jon Arbuckle, Garfield and Odie's owner, Nicholas Hoult is the first to voice the character in a theatrical film. 

Hoult is known for Renfield and playing Hank McCoy/Beast in Dark Phoenix and Days of Future Past, and he's also confirmed to play Lex Luthor in 2025's Superman: Legacy.

The Garfield Movie trailer opens with Jon looking lonely, a theme from the comic strips, before finding and then adopting a baby Garfield. While the footage doesn't show how Vic's arrival impacts Hoult's version of Jon, other shots hint at his care and devotion for both Garfield and Odie. 

Hannah Waddingham

Hannah Waddinham in Ted Lasso
Hannah Waddingham

While Hannah Waddingham's character in The Garfield Movie has yet to be revealed, the actress has appeared in Game of Thrones, Sex Education, and won Best Supporting Actress for her role in Ted Lasso.

Ving Rhames

Ving Rhames as Luther in Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One
Ving Rhames

Another actor whose Garfield character remains under wraps is Samuel L. Jackson's Pulp Fiction co-star, Ving Rhames, whose big-screen roles range from the Mission Impossible franchise to Lilo and Stitch

Cecily Strong

Cecily Strong in Schmigadoon!
Cecily Strong

In addition to her tenure on Saturday Night Live and Schmigadoon!, Cecily Strong recently voiced the character of Ms. Malkin in the animated Netflix film, Leo

Brett Goldstein

Brett Goldstein as Roy Kent in Ted Lasso
Brett Goldstein

Best known for his role as Roy Kent in Ted Lasso, and for which he won an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor, Brett Goldstein's Garfield character has yet to be announced.

But in addition to co-creating Shrinking, Brett Goldstein recently appeared as Hercules in Thor: Love and Thunder, hinting at his possible future within the MCU

Bowen Yang

Bowen Yang in Dicks: The Musical
Bowen Yang

The award-winning Saturday Night Live star Bowen Yang has a history of live-action and voice acting roles, including Monsters at Work, Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, and Awkwafina is Nora from Queens

The Garfield Movie arrives in theaters on May 24, 2024.

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