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Evil's Season 4 premiere included an emotional tribute to Tim Guinness as fans dive back into the story.

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Who Is Tom Guinness From Evil?

Ahead of the credits for Evil Season 4, Episode 1, a tribute came on screen for Tim Guinness, which read, "In Memory of Tim Guinness."

Tim Guinness
Tim Guinness

Guinness was a longtime camera and electrical department worker in Hollywood, and he also served as Evil's cinematographer for three episodes in 2019's Season 1.

He tragically passed away on February 22, 2023, although no cause of death has been shared publicly.

Evil showrunner Robert King shared his feelings on Guinness in a post on X (formerly Twitter) the day after his death, praising his work on The Good Wife and The Good Fight. King emphasized how beloved Guinness was, expressing how much pain he was in from missing his fallen colleague:

"Tim Guinness died 2 days ago. He was one of the Directors of Photography on 'Good Wife' and 'Good Fight' for more than a decade. He dedicated his life to making the show, and especially the actors on the show look great. The cast and crew loved him. It’s painful to think of him gone.

Guinness' obituary also paid tribute to his parents, siblings, daughter, and other family members while highlighting his work in the film industry:

"Tim Guinness of Massapequa/East Marion passed away on February 22, 2023. Loving son of Marilyn (the late Richard Guinness). Devoted father of Natalie Rose. Dear brother of Richard (Lisa) Guinness, Margaret (Mark) Campson, Jean (Glen) Henry, and Marilyn (Chris) McEntee. He will be greatly missed by many loving Aunts, Uncles, Nieces, Nephews, Cousins, and good friends.

Tim was Director of Photography on 'The Good Wife' and 'Good Fight' television programs for the past decade. Tim has been a part of the motion picture and television industry Local 52 and Local 600 community for over 40 years.

In lieu of flowers, a donation to a charity of your choice can be made in honor of Timothy."

Following his death, a GoFundMe page was started in his honor to raise money for his daughter, Natalie. Setting a goal of $25,000, that mark was exceeded as the page has raised nearly $34,000 since it was first posted.

The page includes the following tribute to Guinness and his family:

"Our dear friend and colleague, Tim Guinness, passed away on Wednesday, February 22. Tim was a member of Locals 52 and 600 for a combined 44 years as a Gaffer and Director of Photography. Most recently he was the DP on 'The Good Wife' / 'Fight.' He was a mentor to many and cared deeply for his crew. Surpassing his love for the craft was his love and pride for his daughter, Natalie.

Tim gave us, his 'Good Wife' / 'Fight' Family, so much. We would like to do the same for his daughter, Natalie.

** The Guinness Family, Connie Bruno (Natalie's Mother) and Natalie would like to thank everyone for their kind words and donations**"

Outside of Evil, Guinness was best known for his work on over 60 episodes of The Good Wife. He also has credits on Moonstruck and Sabrina.

The Direct sends our heartfelt condolences to Tim Guinness' family, friends, and colleagues during this difficult time.

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