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It's time to look at Evil Season 4 and everything we know about its cast, characters, and upcoming release.

Kicking off its run on CBS in 2019, Evil centers on Katja Herbers' Dr. Kristen Bouchard, a forensic psychologist who pushes aside skepticism about religion and the supernatural to solve crime alongside Mike Colter's journalist-turned-priest David Acosta.

While Season 1 ran on CBS in 2019, Season 2 was renewed for a Paramount+ run in May 2021, with the series shining as a streaming exclusive through Season 3.

Evil's first three seasons averaged an impressive 95% Tomatometer rating and an 84% Audience Meter rating on Rotten Tomatoes, leaving many fans wondering what's in store for the show's next season.

When Is Evil Season 4 Releasing?

Mike Colter in Evil Season 3

Filming on Evil Season 4 got underway in May 2023, but production was halted early due to the writers' and actors' strikes that stopped dozens of shows and movies from shooting all summer.

Additionally, an undisclosed cast member temporarily exited the show due to a personal matter (via Variety), leaving the show in limbo until the writers' and actors' strikes ended.

Thankfully, according to writer Robert King, Season 4 only has one episode that still needs to be filmed, as he shared on his X (formerly Twitter) page in October:

"We don’t have a streaming date for 'Evil' season 4 because we were midway through shooting the 10th episode when the strike hit. So we have to wait until after the SAG strike to shoot. I suggested we do the scenes with hand puppets, but I was overruled."

He followed that up by confirming filming for Episode 10 would start on December 5, although he didn't give any indication of how long that would take.

Considering only one episode is on the filming docket, it is possible Evil Season 4 could be completely filmed by early 2024, likely in January.

And with past seasons being able to start airing on CBS and Paramount+ relatively quickly following production, Season 4 may be ready to release on Paramount+ as early as Spring 2024.

Who’s Cast In Evil Season 4?

Evil cast members

With a star-studded cast featured in the first three seasons of Evil, most of them are expected to return for Season 4.

Unsurprisingly, Katja Hebers should reprise her role as Dr. Kristen Bouchard, who has been the central character for the first three seasons and has learned all about the supernatural world she used to dismiss.

She has even been teased for some epic action sequences in this new season, including one where she wields an ax (via Entertainment Weekly), and the new episodes are rumored to be the scariest batch of stories yet for the leading heroine.

Mike Colter's Father David Acosta will also return, with his character's battle with the Entity coming to the forefront after the organization showed up in Season 3.

Speaking with Inverse in January, Colter noted that Season 4 has the cast "on location a bit" and in "strange environments," giving a much more terrifying feeling to the upcoming episodes:

"What I can tell you about Season 4 is right now we're on location a bit. Because the locations are really unique when you're out in the woods. If you're on location in these strange environments, it brings this sort of feeling that you don't get when we're shooting on stage or indoors. So I think, being privy to what I've seen so far, it's going to be visually very stimulating."

He also teased situations that he has "never considered" appearing in Season 4, expressing how much he's looking forward to what's ahead:

"But it's definitely a challenge and also something that I look forward to, and I'm enlightened every time we crack open the script. It’s gonna be fun."

The other big player confirmed to return is Aasif Mandvi's Ben Shakir, who works closely with David as his technical and construction expert and looks to debunk any potential supernatural reasons for cases with more down-to-earth reasoning.

The full list of characters expected to return for Evil Season 4 can be seen below:

  • Katja Herbers - Kristen Bouchard
  • Mike Colter - David Acosta
  • Aasif Mandvi - Ben Shakir
  • Michael Emerson - Dr. Leland Townsend
  • Patrick Brammall - Andy Bouchard
  • Christine Lahti - Sheryl Luria
  • Brooklyn Shuck - Lynn Bouchard
  • Skylar Gray - Lila Bouchard
  • Maddy Crocco - Lexis Bouchard
  • Dalya Knapp - Laura Bouchard
  • Wallace Shawn - Father Frank

What Will Happen in Evil Season 4?

Evil Season 3

Along with the aforementioned Entity playing a bigger role in Season 4, the next set of episodes is set to pick up on Season 3's crazy cliffhanger that saw Kristen's nemesis, Leland Townsend, acquiring her missing egg from RSM Fertility and implanting it in a surrogate.

Played by Michael Emerson, his character now hopes that he and Kristen will give life to the literal antichrist, which will surely put the entire planet in serious jeopardy should that endeavor be successful.

Kristen's home life will also play a key role as things get even more complicated for her, with her husband Andy being brainwashed from his abduction while their young daughters are all making their way into young adulthood.

Kristen's mother Sheryl also has some notably scary ties to Leland, potentially putting Kristen in even more danger.

And with Leland and Sheryl having deep ties to some seriously powerful demons on top of working to birth the antichrist, Kristin and David are in for their toughest challenges to date as they hope to keep the public in the dark on the darkness threatening the planet.

Evil Season 4 is finishing its filming schedule over the coming weeks, although it doesn't have a set release date yet.

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