Eternals Easter Egg Makes Sprite's Betrayal Even Worse

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Sprite Sersi MCU

Marvel Studios' Eternals is making the rounds during its streaming run on Disney+ as fans take in every detail of the cosmic MCU epic. This includes the opportunity to dive deeper into the story that came in the film's 156-minute runtime. From Ikaris and Sprite's betrayals to the introduction of Harry Styles' Starfox, Eternals had no shortage of twists and turns to add to the MCU.

Along with the jam-packed plot came Marvel Studios' usual round of Easter eggs, for which fans are always on the lookout upon every MCU release. Although some of them tease out-of-story plot points like the GRC from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, with others paying tribute to the Star Wars universe, Eternals didn't shy away from exciting nods to its own story.

The big one came when fans found out that the voice Kit Harington's Dane Whitman heard in his post-credits scene was that of Mahershala Ali's Blade. However, after some deep digging from a dedicated fan, another one pertaining to Lia McHugh's Sprite is now out in the world as well.

Eternals Easter Egg About Sprite's Dark Betrayal

Reddit user u/nichecopywriter discovered a hidden Easter egg in Marvel Studios' Eternals that makes Sprite's betrayal in the film look even more brutal.

Early in the film, Sprite unsheathes a knife with Japanese katakana engraved on the bottom of the blade.

Eternals, Sprite knife

That lettering roughly translates to "Sersi-no," with "no" being a possessive article of speech in this instance.

Eternals, Sersi

In this case, Sersi's name on the blade indicates that she was the one who made the katakana for Sprite.

Eternals, Sprite knife

In Eternals' third act, Sprite stabs Sersi in the back with this blade in an attempt to prevent Sersi from stopping the Emergence.

Eternals, Sprite


Sprite Turning Her Back on Her Eternals Family

While fans initially thought that Kro and the Deviants would be the main antagonists of Eternals, the shocking twist came when it turned out to be Richard Madden's Ikaris trying to finish the Celestials mission. On top of this, the fact that he convinced Sprite to complete that mission with him came as a massive blow to the Eternals' morale as they learned their true purpose.

Having spent about 100 years living with Gemma Chan's Sersi, Sprite had built up even closer ties with her than most of their other team members. Even seeing the ever-youthful Eternal redeem herself in the end, finding out that Sersi was stabbed with a blade that she created makes the moment that much more emotionally devastating.

Likely having created the blade for Sprite so that she could defend herself, it also shows how truly kind and forgiving Sersi is for continuing to take care of her teammate in the end.

With an Eternals sequel currently on the table, fans will be looking forward to seeing how this relationship continues, particularly now that Sprite is living her life as a mortal now. Whether Sersi and Sprite will ever bring this event up again is a mystery, but it won't be something that either of them forgets moving forward.

Eternals is now streaming worldwide on Disney+.

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