Full Cast of Elsbeth Episode 3: Guest Stars, Actors & Characters (Photos)

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Nadia Dajani were guest actors for the cast of Elsbeth in Episode 3.

In Elsbeth’s third episode, “Reality Shock,” a star of the popular reality series Lavish Ladies is found dead in her bathtub. At first, her death is thought to be an accident, but there is far more to this case than what initially appears.

This entry in the popular new comedic procedural series premiered on CBS on Thursday, April 4, and was promptly made available for viewing on Paramount+.

Every Character & Actor in Elsbeth Episode 3

Carrie Preston - Elsbeth Tascioni

Carrie Preston - Elsbeth Tascioni
Carrie Preston

Carrie Preston stars as Elsbath Tascioni. The series lead would best be described as “quirky” but the idiosyncratic attorney-at-law has a keen analytical mind and a habit of getting results.

Preston originated the character of Elsbeth on The Good Wife and The Good Fight before landing her own spin-off. She also previously had roles in True Blood and Person of Interest.

Carra Patterson - Kaya Blanke

Carra Patterson as Kaya Blanke in Elsbeth
Carra Patterson

Kaya Blanke, played by Carra Patterson, is an officer in the New York Police Department who partners up with Elsbeth after the latter is appointed as a monitor for the NYPD. Officer Blanke finds herself playing the straight man to Elsbeth’s offbeat eagerness.

Carra Patterson previously appeared in Turner & Hooch, Elementary, and Straight Outta Compton. She also played a bartender in an episode of Elsbeth’s sister series The Good Wife.

Wendell Pierce - C.W. Wagner

Wendell Pierce as C.W. Wagner in Elsbeth
Wendell Pierce

The somewhat surly NYPD Captain Wagner is brought to life by Wendell Pierce. Wagner may not match the joy that Elsbeth seems to constantly radiate, but he nevertheless recognizes her smarts.

In addition to being the DCU’s future Chief Perry White, starting in Superman, Pierce has played characters on The Wire and Jack Ryan.

Molly Price - Detective Donnelly

Molly Price as Detective Donnelly in Elsbeth
Molly Price

Molly Price guest stars in Episode 3 as Detective Donnelly, who greets Elsbeth with thinly veiled disdain, seeing little need for her department to be overseen by the titular lawyer.

Previous appearances by Molly Price include roles in Jersey Girl, Sex and the City, and Third Watch.

Fredric Lehne - Dave Noonan

Fredric Lehne as Dave Noonan in Elsbeth
Fredric Lehne

Officer Noonan (Fredric Lehne) is another cop working in the precinct to which Elsbeth has been assigned. In the third episode, he assists her in clearing out space in her office, which is located in a supply closet.

Lehne has lent his talents to popular series like Supernatural and Lost.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson - Skip Mason

Jesse Tyler Ferguson as Skip Mason in Elsbeth
Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Skip Mason, played by guest star Jesse Tyler Ferguson, is the executive producer on Lavish Ladies, the in-universe reality show that takes center stage in Episode 3. He treats the women on the show like family. Until they get on his bad side, that is…

Jesse Tyler Ferguson is best known for portraying uptight lawyer Mitchell Pritchett in all 11 seasons of Modern Family. He’s also had a successful stage career, starring in the casts of On the Town and Spamalot.

Nadia Dajani - Wendy Wexler

Nadia Dajani as Wendy Wexler in Elsbeth
Nadia Dajani

Nadia Dajani guests as Wendy Wexler, one of the stars of Lavish Ladies who‘s always hocking one of her many side hustles, like her own line of blenders. But it is that same kitchen appliance that is ultimately used to carry out her murder.

Dajani has appeared on shows like Ugly Betty, Suits, and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Rebecca Creskoff - Tracy

Rebecca Creskoff as Tracy in Elsbeth
Rebecca Creskoff

Tracy, played by Rebecca Creskoff, is a close friend of the episode’s central victim Wendy, as well as one of her co-stars on Lavish Ladies.

Rebecca Creskoff has had roles in How I Met Your Mother, Bates Motel, and Parenthood.

Julie Ann Emery - Katricia

Julie Ann Emery as Katricia in Elsbeth
Julie Ann Emery

Julie Ann Amery portrays Katricia, a former Lavish Lady who was ousted from the show by Skip Mason because she could hold her liquor, which in the reality show game, makes for “bad TV”.

Emery has performed in such series and movies as Better Call Saul and Hitch.

Nedra Marie Taylor - Maisie Dampling

Nedra Marie Taylor as Maisie Dampling in Elsbeth
Nedra Marie Taylor

Masie (Nedra Marie Taylor) is another cast member of Lavish Ladies.

Taylor counts Bull, Invasion, and Orange is the New Black among the series she’s previously appeared in.

Deborah S. Craig - Sushie Lash

Deborah S. Craig as Sushie Lash in Elsbeth
Deborah S. Craig

Sushie, played by Deborah S. Craig, is an additional member of Lavish Ladies.

Deborah S. Craig has been a part of Hart of Dixie and Grace and Frankie in the past.

Tavia Hunt - Valencia

Tavia Hunt as Valencia in Elsbeth
Tavia Hunt

Newcomer Tavia Hunt plays Valencia, Wendy’s put-upon intern who winds up a suspect in her murder case.

New episodes of Elsbeth air on Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS before streaming on Paramount+.

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