Doctor Who Announces Release Date for the New Season Trailer

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The BBC confirmed when it will release the first trailer for Doctor Who Season 14.

Ncuti Gatwa's 15th Doctor and Millie Gibson's Ruby Sunday will lead eight brand-new episodes in 2024 with a record-breaking budget thanks to a new deal that will bring the British sci-fi show to Disney+ in other territories.

Doctor Who Season 14 Trailer Release Date Confirmed

In a new post on the official Doctor Who X (formerly Twitter) account, the BBC confirmed fans will be treated to the "first look" at the series’ next season after this year’s Christmas Day special:

"Another 'Doctor Who' gift is coming your way this Christmas! 

Get a first look at the Doctor and Ruby's first season after 'The Church on Ruby Road' airs on Christmas Day."

As such, the trailer is expected to air on BBC One and release online after "The Church on Ruby Road" finishes its live U.K. airing at around 6:50 p.m. GMT/1:50 p.m. ET/10:50 a.m. PT on Monday, December 25 (Christmas Day).

The trailer will offer a short glimpse at Ncuti Gatwa’s eight-episode first season as the Doctor, which will arrive in 2024 following his role in the third act of "The Giggle" and his solo debut in "The Church on Ruby Road."

Alongside the exciting announcement, the post included a look at Ncuti Gatwa's 15th Doctor with Millie Gibson's new companion Ruby Sunday in the TARDIS.

Doctor Who 15th Doctor Ruby Sunday Season 14
Doctor Who

Where possible, most previous Doctor Who Christmas specials have been followed with footage from the upcoming season. And, as usual, the trailer will probably amount to a short sizzle reel from the next eight episodes with a look at the new TARDIS duo in action, some exciting destinations, and the new monsters.

Has Doctor Who's Season 14 Premiere Date Been Announced?

An official BBC statement - via Den of Geek - on Doctor Who's future had listed the next season for a Spring 2024 season before it was later removed from the listing for unclear reasons, casting doubt on its accuracy.

Additionally, speaking to the Radio Times, showrunner Russell T. Davis confirmed he had just delivered a Doctor Who script "that will be on air in May 2025." This seems to suggest that Gatwa’s second season will follow in Spring 2025.

As such, the BBC and Disney+ are seemingly lining up plans for a new season to arrive every Spring to deliver on Davis’ promise for annual Doctor Who seasons with no gap years, as has occasionally become a problem before.

While the 2024 season will be Season 14 of Doctor Who’s modern era, it will be officially referred to as Season 1. This will offer a fresh jumping-on point for new fans of the show as it prepares to make waves outside the U.K. on Disney+.

Despite how it seems all but certain Doctor Who will return with a new season at some point between March and May, the BBC may not include an exact date in the trailer and instead save that news until close to the release.

Doctor Who will return with the 2023 Christmas special, "The Church on Ruby Road," on BBC One and iPlayer in the U.K. and Ireland and Disney+ elsewhere.

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