Disney Plus Adds Special New Collection for Doctor Who

By Jennifer McDonough Posted:
David Tennant as Doctor Who, Disney+ logo

The four Doctor Who specials streaming on Disney+ were placed under an eye-catching new banner.

Last November and into December, the BBC aired three brand-new Doctor Who specials that starred the beloved David Tennant making his grand return to the franchise, this time as the Fourteenth Doctor. 

In the last of the Tennant-led specials, the Doctor underwent a bi-regeneration. This made room for the new face of the series, the Fifteenth Doctor, Ncuti Gatwa, while also leaving room for more adventures with Fourteen.

Disney+ Highlights New Doctor Who Collection

The Doctor Who collection on Disney+

Disney+, now helping fund new episodes of Doctor Who in exchange for the international distribution rights for the series, placed the four currently available specials into a new collection.

The specials contained within this collection are listed below:

The collection‘s icon is presented in a striking blue and purple color scheme with a silhouette of the TARDIS and the Doctor Who logo front and center:

Clicking on the icon will show all four specials in the menu below:

The Doctor Who collection on Disney+

This is likely where Ncuti Gatwa's full series of Doctor Who will be housed once his run of episodes gets added to the streaming service.

It's unknown whether past seasons of Who's modern era, spanning from Christopher Eccelston to Jodie Whittaker's tenure, will make its way to the platform eventually. 

At the moment, Seasons 1 to 13 of Doctor Who are streaming on Max, with a rumor from streaming journalist Drew Ryan suggesting that those episodes will remain on Warner Bros. Discovery's streamer until at least 2025.

This could mean it'll be a while before Disney+ could get the back catalog of episodes, making it all the more frustrating for Whovians hoping to get all their adventures in one consolidated place.

What’s Next for Doctor Who?

Now that Ncuti Gatwa’s charismatic Fifteenth Doctor has taken the show's reins, what’s coming down the pipeline for the fan-favorite sci-fi series?

For starters, the Doctor has a brand new companion in the form of Millie Gibson’s Ruby Sunday. Although Ruby’s time on Doctor Who may end up being short-lived as Gibson has recently discussed taking on other roles soon.

For now, though, viewers have many time-traveling escapades with the Fifteenth Doctor and Ruby Sunday to look forward to in a fresh show series coming up sometime in May 2024. However, no official premiere date has been announced yet.

Doctor Who is now streaming on Disney+ in the United States.

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