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Destiny 2 Dual Destiny mission, Cayde-6

Fans are eager to know how to get Destiny 2's newest Exotic Class items as a part of the Dual Destiny mission. 

Bungie's sci-fi shooter MMO just released its newest (and possibly last) expansion, The Final Shape. It ends the Light and Dark Saga, which started with the first game launch in 2014. 

As a part of the latest content drop, players have flocked back to the game's unique far-future universe, taking down new enemies, embarking on new intergalactic quests, and chasing new ultra-powerful gear. 

How To Unlock The Final Shape's Dual Destiny Mission

Guardian from Destiny 2 wearing exotic class items from The Final Shapoe expansion and holding a blue hand cannon

As a part of Destiny 2's latest expansion, The Final Shape, players can unlock a new set of Exotic Class items to equip in-game. 

It can be a complicated process, but these new ultra-rare pieces of gear can grant unique abilities, like going invisible after a finisher or giving one the power to make enemy bodies explode. 

The Final Shape Exotic Class items are unlocked by completing the Dual Destiny mission in the new Pale Heart location. 

Dual Destiny is not immediately available after completing a particular story beat or reaching a certain level. There are several steps players need to complete before they can even take on the brand-new quest in the game's open world. 

The first step involves players taking their Guardian to the new Pale Heart destination. From there, in the open-world locale, one must complete the public Overthrow event in the destination's three regions (The Landing, The Blooming, and The Impasse). 

This is like many of the game's Public Events but with a twist. Overthrow tasks players with killing wave upon wave of enemies, opening chests and completing smaller objectives within the open world as they go. 

Once the event is escalated to Tier 3, a World Boss will appear, serving as one final test in the Final Shape's new cooperative event. 

As each Overthrow boss is taken down, text reading, "A Secret-Keeper of the Witch Queen is near…" will appear on the screen. This causes a secret World Boss to appear in the region where the Overthrow event was started. From there, players have five minutes to find and kill the secret ultra-powerful foe. 

These final Overthrow enemies will appear in the same place in each region every time they spawn. Below is a list of where to find them in each of The Pale Heart's primary locales:

  • The Landing: Inside a cave in the southeast corner of the map. 
  • The Blooming: Around the area where the public event takes place. Inside a purple-glowing cave on the far east side of the region.
  • The Impasse: In the southwest corner of the map near the region's Lost Sector.

Once all three Lucent Hive Wizards are defeated, a green light will appear on the map toward The Blooming. Gamers should follow the light and prepare for another combat encounter. 

Upon arriving at the source of the light, Guardians are faced with some Dread enemies. To finish the event, these powerful opponents should continually be mowed down until two orbs appear, one of Light and one of Darkness. 

The next few steps must be completed with an ally, so hopefully, players have reached this point with a friend or two. 

Each duo member must pick up one of the motes and traverse the intergalactic terrain toward a quest marker that should appear on their HUD. 

These markers will lead the Guardian team to a cave where pools for each respective orb sit ready. Players with different energy spheres should deposit them into their respective pools, spawning a flag to officially start the Dual Destiny mission. 

This also creates a navigation node so players do not need to complete the steps to unlocking the Dual Destiny quest every time, allowing for easy replayability.

Completing The Dual Destiny Mission in The Final Shape

Once in Destiny 2's Dual Destiny mission, players can unlock ultra-rare gear, including the sought-after Exotic Class items. 

Dual Destiny almost operates like a mini-Raid within Bungie's first-person shooter MMO.

It brings forth teamwork and intricate coordination needed for some of the game's hardest encounters and distills it into an experience that can (and has to be) completed with just two people. 

Most of the mission's exact mechanics revolve around the Light and Dark player communicating specific information only seen on their screen or using the node they deposited at the mission's start to damage unique enemies. 

The mission is split into three encounters: the glyph puzzles, the clock room, and the final boss. 

The Glyphs

The glyph puzzles players will first run into can be completed as Light and Dark pass glyphs back and forth from one another. It works as each duo member taking on Dual Destiny announces the glyphs they see on-screen, with the other shooting the corresponding symbol on theirs. 

Two glyph puzzles must be completed to move on, finishing with a gunfight with some unique enemies. This battle introduces light and dark shields (displayed by either being white or black) that need to be destroyed by the player who deposited the same node back before starting the mission.

The Clocks

Next up is the clock room, which sees players shooting the same times on a clock to move on.

This puzzle needs to be completed three times and includes several gunfights to get into. 

Dual Destiny Boss Fight

Then comes the complex Dual Destiny boss encounter. This is a mechanics-heavy boss battle with short damage phases between them, so players should study up before giving it a shot. 

First up, all that needs to be done is get enough damage on the boss to start the next phase. Doing this will spawn several Servile Wizards enshrouded in the colored shields from earlier. 

Each of these Wizards needs to be killed by the Light or Dark player whose hue corresponds to that of their protective barriers. 

Once they are dead, one of Destiny 2's signature symbol-calling encounters begins. This encounter involves one player calling out symbols as they appear while the other shoots the symbols on their screen.

Finishing this will trigger another puzzling clock-based puzzle. Instead of simply shooting pairs of nodes on the clockface, the two players have to look at the timepiece and find which node matches on both screens; however, if they do not do it fast enough, the clock will rotate and reset after about five seconds. 

Identifying a series of three matching pairs and shooting them in quick succession allows for one last damage push on the boss. 

Getting the Gear

After the tense final boss encounter, players are given the choice to kill their co-op partner or let them live. If the team is done shooting for now and chooses love over war, all they need to do is turn around after the final encounter and activate the "Love" glyph on the wall to complete the mission. 

Upon killing their partner or letting them walk away, each member of the Dual Destiny team is granted an Exotic Class item. 

This mission can be replayed to grind for more guaranteed Exotic Class items and other armor pieces. Completion of Dual Destiny also allows for Exotic Class items to drop as a part of the loot pool in Pale Heart chests seen throughout the world. 

Destiny 2 is now available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

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