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Lies of P 2024 cover art

A DLC addition to Lies of P is coming in 2024, but its exact release specifics remain a mystery to fans itching for more content. 

Set in a steam-punk version of the classic Pinocchio story, the hard-core action RPG (akin to the works of From Software) from South Korean studios Neowiz Games and Round8 Studio was initially released in September 2023. 

The game earned reviews upon its release, garnering an 80 on Metacritic, and it earned praise for its Soulslike level design and crunchy combat usually reserved for the masters of the genre. 

When Will Lies of P's DLC Release?

Since its release, fans have been itching for more of Lies of P, and they will get in the form of a DLC expansion coming sometime in 2024. 

The Lies of P downloadable content drop was first confirmed in late October 2023, as the studio teased future updates for the hit RPG (including work being started on a full-fledged sequel).

It was then touched on again shortly after as a part of developer Neowiz's first-quarter earnings report for 2024. 

According to the studio's earning call, the DLC for the beloved RPG was listed for release sometime in the second half of 2024 (per GameRant). 

The game appeared under its "New Pipeline" section, including alongside other upcoming projects. 

As for an exact release date, it seems likely - depending on the size of the DLC - that it comes sooner rather than later. 

The DLC drop may try to avoid the packed fall season of the gaming industry, eyeing a release sometime between July and September. 

Given the game's initial release happened in September 2023, one way to ring in the game's anniversary celebrations could be the release of its first DLC.

This means a release somewhere around late August or early September could be a possibility. 

How To Buy Lies of P DLC

At the time of writing, the Lies of P DLC is not up for purchase in any way. 

Unlike other titles with DLC plans, Lies of P remains without a Season's Pass or Deluxe Edition that includes any future downloadable content. 

However, when the expansion is properly unveiled, fans can expect it to appear on digital storefronts such as the PSN, Xbox, and Steam stores. 

What Will Be Included in Lies of P's DLC?

Several small glimpses of the Lies of P DLC have been revealed, teasing what to expect in the upcoming expansion. 

If the DLC is a similar size to similar content drops of the games it takes its inspiration from (i.e. the works of From Software), fans can expect a sizable addition coming to the game. 

Typically DLC in Soulslike games adds a biome or two for players to navigate with several new enemy types, weapons to find, and challenging bosses to take on. 

As a part of the game's DLC announcement, which came by way of the Director's Letter video posted in October 2023, two brief looks at concept art for the expansion were revealed. 

Lies of P factory DLC image
Lies of P

The pair of images showed off what looks to be an underground sewer or factory-like locale along with a seabound group of derelict pirate ships. 

Some have speculated these could be the first hints that the DLC will have some sort of Peter Pan theming after tackling the story of Pinocchio in the base game. 

Lies of P DLC Shipwreck
Lies of P

This would make sense given the game's propensity for adapting classic fables into its unique dark and decrepit style. 

According to the game's director Jiwon Choi, the DLC has seen the team continue to "encounter remarkably inventive and creative hypotheses" and he loves to see " players speculating and discussing various aspects as they wait for the DLC:"

"Even after the launch, our commitment remains unwavering in providing players with a compelling and unforgettable story. To do so, we are fully dedicating ourselves to the development of the DLC… I love seeing players speculating and discussing various aspects as they wait for the DLC. Every time we encounter remarkably inventive and creative hypotheses, my heart is pounding and I feel warmth. The anticipation is truly exhilarating… I wish I could share all the details with you."

Will There Be More Lies of P DLC?

No more DLC beyond the first content drop has been confirmed for Lies of P. 

It certainly seems the development team will get this first expansion out the door and then move on from the title. 

Since its release, Lies of P has seen several smaller updates. These have included additional items being added to the game, as well as smaller bug fixes and gameplay improvements. 

Neowiz Games also confirmed a sequel to the game is already being worked on, which could be the primary reason no further DLC plans have been outlined. 

Lies of P is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. 

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