Deadpool 3 Reveals First Official Plot Synopsis

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Deadpool 3 wallpaper with Wolverine

The very first description of Deadpool 3’s plot was officially shown.

Marvel fans still have about six months to wait before Wade Wilson and friends grace the big screen again, but new leaks, rumors, and general info on Deadpool 3 continue to trickle out at a consistent pace.

Marvel Japan Shares Deadpool 3 Description

Deadpool mask in movie

The official website for Marvel in Japan added the first plot synopsis for Marvel Studios' Deadpool 3. It is decidedly cryptic but should prove nonetheless tantalizing for audiences.

According to the log line, the movie will feature some modification of established MCU history:

The irresponsible hero Deadpool will change the history of the MCU with Wolverine!?”

So how could it be that the Merc with a Mouth might actually alter the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Important to point out is that the synopsis in question has been translated from Japanese into the English language. This particular linguistic conversion can sometimes bring about some… interesting discrepancies.

So it could be that what the site meant is that the very idea of Deadpool receiving his own MCU film is history-making in its own right and that the synopsis was simply attempting to point that out.

However, that doesn’t quite feel like what’s going on here. It’s no secret that Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine will appear in Deadpool 3 and that the picture will be the first to deal with the MCU’s mutantkind in a big way.

To speculate in a broader sense, perhaps this film will include some multiversal, time-space wackiness and it will signal the arrival of the X-Men into the main Earth-616 MCU

Wishful thinking on the part of some fans, possibly, but as Marvel delves deeper into its Multiverse, this theory could end up not being too far off-base.

At the very least, the synopsis appears to imply that Wolverine has something to do with these changes to history.

Whatever the case truly ends up being, moviegoers will have all the answers when Marvel Studios’ Deadpool 3 slices and dices its way into theaters on July 26.

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