DC Titans Actor Reacts to Season 4 Lex Luthor Rumors

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The current DC Comics live-action landscape is far different than that of Marvel's. Its interconnected aspects are not nearly as strong as those on the MCU side, and instead, the result has been more than a few adaptions across mediums that are completely different than each other. By no means is this bad, however, just different. One of the more popular shows in Warner Bros. hands, aside from the widely popular Peacemaker, is Titans.

Going into its fourth season, the show sees a more mature and gritty take on the classic superhero group—the one many people likely know from the cult classic animated series back in the day. The series starts with the group disbanded until Raven and Dick Grayson pull them together.

The roster of heroes who have shown up throughout the series is a long one. Beast Boy, Donna Troy, Jason Todd, Superboy, and Barbara are among the growing list. But for next season, it's the villains who have gotten people talking. Brother Blood, Mother Mayhem, and Jinx have all been announced and cast for the next season of the hit show—but there's another rumored name that gets heads turning: Lex Luthor.

Recent whispers suggested that big names like Bruce Campbell and Cary Elwes are being considered for the part. However, now, a leading cast member of the show has shed some doubt on those possible castings.

Superboy Casts Doubts on Luthor Actors

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A recent rumor, originating from industry insider DanielRPK, indicated the actors being considered for Lex Luthor in Titan's upcoming fourth season include Bruce Campbell, Cary Elwes, Garret Dillahunt, and Toby Huss.

However, Joshua Orpin, who plays Superboy on the DC Comics show, took to Instagram to cast doubt on the rumors.

His story on the social media platform showed a picture of an article covering the Luthor news, and under it, the actor wrote: "This one's gonna age like milk."

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It's unclear if his comment refers to Lex Luthor appearing in the show at all or is simply pointed at the potential actors being considered for the role.

Will There Be a Lex Luthor?

It seems natural for the story in Titans' fourth season to include some sort of appearance from the classic Superman villain. After all, Lex Luthor is tied to his origin just as much as Clark Kent's Kryptonian is.

With the series having only just started filming the fourth season, fans are going to have to wait quite a while before knowing for sure. But, no doubt, there will be plenty more rumors before then—especially with such a massive name.

The last adaptation of Luthor was Jon Cryer in Supergirl. The take on the character was divisive, as was the show in general, but the actor certainly brought his own spin to him. The same can be said for Jessie Eisenberg's younger interpretation of the supervillain. Hopefully, whatever Titans has in store for its fans will be something not seen before on screen.

Titans' first three seasons are streaming on HBO Max.

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