Marvel's Logan Director Reportedly Eyeing New DC Movie/Show

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Despite DC Studios co-head James Gunn taking to social media to address reports about the future of the DCU franchise, the superheroic scoops haven't stopped, as a new update puts a Marvel director on the radar for a potential on-screen DC project. 

The DCU is changing. Warner Bros. Discovery's superhero franchise sent shockwaves when a new wave of reports came in, such as Wonder Woman 3's cancellation and the potential recasting of Justice League actors amid the studio shakeup. 

While some fans are on board with this new regime, others are unhappy with the studio's transition

Still, a promising update has emerged online that could excite DC diehards everywhere. 

James Mangold Wants In at DC

As per Deadline's sources, Logan and Indiana Jones 5 director James Mangold is "excited" to do business with DC Studios co-heads James Gunn and Peter Safran, suggesting that the Marvel director could direct a movie or a TV show under the DC Studios banner. 

Deadline also mentioned that IT director Andy Muschietti is being eyed for another DCU project following his stint for The Flash

Mangold is best known for Cop Land, The Wolverine, and Girl, Interrupted

Which DC Project Will James Mangold Direct?

James Mangold is already a proven filmmaker, cementing himself as a versatile director with experience in several genres. That said, Mangold's transition from Marvel to DC would be a promising move for James Gunn and Peter Safran's DCU regime. 

Mangold's Logan and The Wolverine have been highly praised by Marvel fans, meaning that Gunn and Safran could maximize the director's success in gritty takes of a superhero and adapt it to the DCU. 

It is still unknown how the DCU will move forward with its Batman, especially after the confusion on which Caped Crusader will take over in the rebooted universe. If Ben Affleck will not return and Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves are allowed to do their own thing in The Batman's world, then Mangold could be the best choice to lead the DCU's new Gotham protector. 

Mangold could also consider other projects, such as the reported Lobo movie and the follow-up to Gunn's The Suicide Squad

Whatever the case, exciting times seem to be on the way for the DCU.

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