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Daryl Dixon Walking Dead

Another entry into Robert Kirkman's zombie-filled universe is here with AMC's The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon

Norman Reedus' motorcycle-riding, undead-slaying fan-favorite character leads this star-studded cast, this time in a spin-off of his own. 

The show shares a continuity with the original series, taking place after The Walking Dead's TV finale. 

After leaving the Commonwealth in the original series, Daryl Dixon takes place in France as Daryl washes ashore in the country that was the origin of the franchise's zombie virus. 

Every Actor & Character in The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon

Norman Reedus - Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon
Norman Reedus

Norman Reedus is back as Daryl Dixon, waking up on the coast of France with no recollection of how he got there. The Walking Dead spin-off follows Reedus' beloved character from the original series as he tries to piece together just how he got there and how he can get home. 

Aside from being a member of the original Walking Dead cast (and a popular fan cast for the MCU's Ghost Rider), Reedus is best known for his work in The Boondock Saints, Blade II, and the video game Death Stranding.

Clémence Poésy - Isabelle

Clémence Poésy

Isabelle (played by Clémence Poésy) is a French survivor and one of the main characters making her franchise debut in The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon. She is described as a "member of a progressive religious group" (via Deadline) who joins Daryl in his journey across undead-ravaged France. 

Poésy previously appeared in In Bruges, Christopher Nolan's Tenet, and the Harry Potter franchise as Fleur Delacour. 

Adam Nagaitis - Quinn

Adam Nagaitis Quinn
Adam Nagaitis

Adam Nagaitis's Quinn is another new addition to The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon. Quinn is a displaced Brit who rose to power in post-outbreak Paris as an influential black marketeer. Nagaitis's character also owns an underground nightclub in the French capital called Demimonde. 

Hailing from the U.K., Nagaitis' past credits include The Commuter, The Man with the Iron Heart, and AMC's The Terror

Anne Charrier - Genet

Genet Walking Dead
Anne Charrier

Anne Charrier joins the Walking Dead franchise for the first time as Genet. Genet is the primary antagonist of the zombie-filled spin-off as the cold-blooded leader of a political movement known as The Cause.

Charrier is a French actress whose past credits include several French-language films/TV series including Par le Sang and Chefs.

Eriq Ebouaney - Fallou

Fallou Walking Dead
Eriq Ebouaney

Fallou (portrayed by Eriq Ebouaney) is a survivor in post-outbreak France, new to the Daryl Dixon series. He is the leader of a group known as the Union of Hope (or Union de L'Espoir), a resistance group at odds with The Cause who hold political power over the city of Paris. 

Ebouaney's past credits include 3 Days to Kill, Kingdom of Heaven, and Hitman.

Laika Blanc Francard - Sylvie

Sylvie Walking Dead
Laika Blanc Francard

Laika Blanc Francard portrays new character Sylvie. Sylvie is another survivor in France who joins up with the Union of Hope resistance network. In her time with the Union of Hope, Sylvie becomes a nun and comes into the care of a young boy named Laurent.

Francard can also be seen in Reign Supreme and My Night.

Romain Levi - Codron

Codron Walking Dead
Romain Levi

Romain Levi's Codron serves as the secondary antagonist of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon. The Walking Dead spin-off marks the character's debut. Codron is a high-ranking soldier in the overbearing military group The Cause, working under Anne Charrier's Genet. 

Most of Levi's career thus far has been working on French TV series like Paris Police 1990 and Les Invisibles with The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon being his mainstream debut stateside. 

Louis Puech Scigliuzzi - Laurent

Laurent Walking Dead
Louis Puech Scigliuzzi

Louis Puech Scigliuzzi portrays Laurent in the zombie-filled epic. This new character in the franchise is an 11-year-old boy who was born just as the (as he calls them) "hungry ones" started to rise. For much of his young life, Laurent has lived in an abbey under the protection of nuns, including Laika Blanc Francard's Sylvie. 

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon marks Scigliuzzi's on-screen debut. 

Paloma - Coco

Coco (played by French drag queen Paloma) is an entertainer working in Quinn's nightclub, Demimonde. She is a wholly new character making her debut in Daryl Dixon with little known about what her life was like before the zombie outbreak. 

Paloma is a renowned French drag star and entertainer. She is best known for winning Season 1 of Drag Race France

Melissa McBride - Carol Peletier

Carol Walking Dead
Melissa McBride

Fan favorite Walking Dead alum Melissa McBride will seemingly be back in Daryl Dixon as Carol Peletier. McBride previously departed a past version of the spin-off that was set to focus on Carol's relationship but was revealed to return thanks to a set photo of the two actors together. How Carol plays into the story remains unknown, but it seems unlikely that she somehow also made the trip to the shores of France. 

McBride has been a member of The Walking Dead franchise since the first season of the TV series but has also appeared in other titles like The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys and The Mist.

Gilbert Glenn Brown - Jones

Mystery surrounds Gilbert Glenn Brown's Jones in The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon. Making his franchise debut in the series, Jones has only been tagged as being a survivor in his mid-to-late 30s. 

Brown's past credits include DC's Stargirl, The Young and the Restless, and the Aretha Franklin biopic Respect

Cailey Fleming - Judith Grimes

Judith Walking Dead
Cailey Fleming

Cailey Fleming will return in the Daryl-centric spin-off as her Walking Dead character Judith Grimes. Judith is the young daughter of former series protagonist Rick Grimes, coming into the care of Daryl after the death of her father. She lived with Daryl and Carol in the Commonwealth but will supposedly get separated from her surrogate uncle after he leaves the settlement and eventually washes up in France. 

Fleming previously played Judith in the mainline Walking Dead series but has also appeared in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Loki, and Preacher

William Sciortino

William Sciortino plays an undisclosed role in The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon but assumedly will be a survivor of some sort in zombie-infested France. 

Sciortino's past appearances include Kill Ben Lyk and The Counsel

Avant Strangel

Avant Strangel will appear as a radio operator in Daryl Dixon. Given the military rule over the city of Paris and militia movements growing in the city like the Union of Hope, surely, Strangel's character will provide some crucial information in the fight to reclaim the city. 

Strangel is a native of France, appearing in the French TV series Mission and La Garconne

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon premieres on Sunday, September 10 at 9:00 p.m. ET on AMC.

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