Who Is Gold Star in Criminal Minds: Evolution?

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Joe Mantegna as David Rossi in Criminal Minds: Evolution

Criminal Minds: Evolution features a new villainous Unidentified Subject (unsub) named Gold Star, who fans want to know more about.

Revived for Paramount+ after the original Criminal Minds ran on CBS for 15 years, Evolution brings back the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit for new episodes to face scarier villains than ever before.

This includes a network of serial killers started by lingering villain Elias Voit, with one, in particular, being set up as a bigger threat in Season 2.

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What Is 'Gold Star' in Criminal Minds?

Zach Gilford as Elias Voit in Criminal Minds: Evolution
Criminal Minds: Evolution

Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2 sets up something called Gold Star, leaving many fans wondering what the term means.

In Season 1, Zach Gilford's Elias Voit initially mentioned Gold Star in a bartering session with Deputy Director Bailey. From that first mention, it seems to be a secret Voit and Bailey are aware of and something Bailey wants to keep hidden by any means necessary.

Season 2, Episode 1 reveals that Gold Star is not just a person but a dangerous person. While his real name is not yet known, he is a deadly serial killer who leaves a single bullet casing etched with a five-point star in the chamber of the victim's weapon at his crime scenes, leading to the nickname.

The BAU team believes the killer is a government-trained operative who took out an entire strike force sent to eliminate him, although there is no clear information pointing to the killer's gender.

The episode even ends with the BAU realizing that their profile on Gold Star may be completely off and that Elias Voit is the only person who can solve the mystery.

What Will Happen With Gold Star in Criminal Minds: Evolution?

Due to the 10-episode slate set for Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2, Gold Star will likely be a major factor throughout the last eight episodes.

Particularly after Elias Voit kidnapped and tortured Joe Mantegna's David Rossi in Season 1, with his knowledge of Gold Star and his plan, this will up the drama with each passing entry.

Fans expect things to get much worse for Rossi before they get any better due to his relationship with Voit, which could be compounded further if Gold Star finds his connection with Rossi through Voit.

There's also a chance the Gold Star storyline may not be over by the end of Season 2, as Season 3 was recently confirmed. The BAU could have this specific mystery figured out, but considering how big a role Voit and Gold Star have played so far, their influence could linger for a long time.

New episodes of Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2 arrive on Paramount+ on Thursdays. The first two episodes are streaming now, as are Season 1 and all of the original Criminal Minds.

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