Meet Connor from Love on the Spectrum: 4 Things to Know About Connor Tomlinson

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Connor, Love on the Spectrum

From loving animation to being friends with his ex, here are several interesting facts about Love on the Spectrum U.S' Connor. 

The hit Netflix docu-series that focuses on stories of people on the autism spectrum trying to find love is now in its second season. 

One of the fresh faces and aspiring lovers introduced in the show's new batch of episodes is 24-year-old Connor. 

4 Facts About Love on the Spectrum’s Connor

Love on the Spectrum

Connor & Emily Have Since Split Up

In Love on the Spectrum U.S. Season 2, Connor paired up with Emily after stepping out of his comfort zone to find the love he deserves. 

The pair met at a speed dating event, and the rest was history. Although Connor initially rejected Emily, he eventually developed feelings toward her, noting that he might've been "too hasty."

Emily reciprocated her feelings for Connor, telling him, "I hope you don’t think me blunt or anything but I kind of like you."

Despite that, Connor told TUDUM in January 2024 that they "decided to be platonic" when the show ended, but they still "go out together from time to time:"

"We still keep in contact by text and go out together from time to time. Emily and I have both decided to be platonic. I am still single."

The Atlanta native also talked about how his experience on the show changed his outlook on love and dating, acknowledging the fact that it made him "more open" to the idea: 

"It has made me more open to dating and the idea of being in love. The show has taught me that there is a lot of time, effort, and work that goes into dating and getting to know someone. It gives me confidence to know I have been on several dates now. I hope to one day find the right woman."

Connor is a Big Fan of Animation

During his downtime, Connor spends time watching animated movies and TV shows. 

He told TUDUM about his favorite Netflix series, noting that those are The Dragon Prince, DreamWorks Dragons, Blue Eye Samurai, and Super Giant Robot Brothers

Connor (via Instagram) also attended Japan Fest Atlanta in September 2023. 

Connor Has a Dog Named Coco

In Episode 1 of Love on the Spectrum U.S. Season 2, it was revealed that Connor and his family have three dogs, and one of them is Coco.

He mentioned that his nickname for Coco is "Liebchen," meaning "little love." 

Connor and Coco spend time together frequently. In a video from Instagram, he even reads Frank Herbert's Dune to Coco, describing the book as one of his "favorite works in literary history."

Connor Owns an Impressive Sword Collection

Upon showing his room in Episode 1 of the series, Connor highlighted his impressive sword collection to the viewers which consists of eight lifesize swords. 

Connor introduced his most recent addition to his collection which is a Viking super sword known as Ulfberht. He said that it is a "truly magnificent weapon."

In a separate TikTok video, the Love on the Spectrum participant gave even more details about his collections, telling viewers about his training sword, dark elves sword, and a fantasy sword. 

Where Can Fans Find Connor on Social Media?

For more updates about the Love on the Spectrum cast member, fans can follow Connor on Instagram (@connortomlinson5) and TikTok (@connortomlinson5).

Love on the Spectrum U.S. Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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