Does Colin Find Out Penelope Is Lady Whistledown In Bridgerton Season 3 New Episode?

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Bridgerton Season 3 Colin and Penelope

The second batch of new episodes for Bridgerton Season 3 brought a new level of drama for Colin and Penelope thanks to the ongoing Lady Whistledown storyline.

Those watching the series saw the end of Season 1 reveal that Nicola Coughlan's Penelope was Lady Whistledown, an anonymous social gossip writer who detailed the gossip about the who's who of British high society; however, it was only revealed to a select few in-universe.

This came much earlier in the show than it did in the original books, where readers did not learn about this persona until the fourth book, Romancing Mister Bridgerton.

About a month after Season 3, Part 1 hit the streaming service, Part 2 arrived on June 13, exploring multiple shocking moments from this drama-filled adventure.

What Episode Does Penelope Tell Colin She Is Whistledown in Bridgerton?

Luke Newton as Colin Bridgerton in Bridgerton Season 3, Episode 6

Warning - the rest of this article contains spoilers from Bridgerton Season 3, Part 2.

Bridgerton Season 3 brings a major turning point moment for Colin and Penelope Bridgerton as Penelope reveals to her lover that she is behind the Lady Whistledown persona.

This comes at the very end of Episode 6, which is appropriately titled "Romancing Mister Bridgerton" as it pays tribute to the book in which this moment originally took place.

The day after she and Colin get married, Penelope is visited by Cressida Cowper, who first learns about her alter-ego from the printers and blackmails Penelope for money. Cressida even falsely revealed herself as Lady Whistledown before this, printing her own gossip article before confronting Penelope.

Penelope proceeds to tell Colin and his sister, Eloise, before Colin begs Cressida to forgive Penelope for what she said in her writing in the new episode. This only leads Cressida to demand more money and a column to restore her reputation.

When Penelope first tells Colin her secret, it infuriates him, leading him to sleep on the couch on the night of their wedding even though they still wed.

Then, Penelope takes matters into her own hands by sharing her identity as Lady Whistledown to everyone in attendance at the Featherington ball.

What Happens to Penelope and Colin in Bridgerton Season 3?

Nicola Coughlan as Penelope Featherington in Bridgerton Season 3

At the Featherington ball, Violet and Lord Marcus dance together and soon, Queen Charlotte arrives and says she received a letter from Lady Whistledown asking for mercy.

Then, Penelope takes the center of the ballroom where she admits to the ton that she is Lady Whistledown and why she wrote the gossip paper.

Explaining to Queen Charlotte how she will be more careful, she then asks if she can continue writing her column now that her secret is out in the open. Asking tongue-in-cheek what life is without some gossip involved, the Queen agrees to let her continue.

After finally unveiling the secret to her mother, she reconciles with Colin as he lets his anger for her go.

By the end of the season, their relationship is saved and they even have a baby together, leaving the Lady Whistledown drama in the past for now.

All three seasons of Bridgerton are now streaming on Netflix.

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