Code 8: All Powers from Parts 1 & 2 Movies (Full List)

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Code 8 universe superpowers

It is time to look at all of the superpowers shown on screen in both Part 1 and Part 2 of Netflix's Code 8.

In the R-rated Code 8 movies, a small percentage of the population is born with superhuman abilities, with those people being known as powered, power-enabled, or PWP (people with power). Others try to gain superpowers through an illegal drug called Psyche, and those with powers have to be registered with the government to use them legally.

Unfortunately, this leads to countless people living below the poverty line under severe restrictions, struggling to survive and take care of themselves.

Full List of Powers in Code 8 Part 1 and Part 2

Ahead is a full list of the 11 categories of superpowers in Code 8: Part 1 and Code 8: Part 2 and how they work in this franchise's universe.


Stephen Amell using telekinesis in Code 8

Designated with the label "TK," telekinetics in the Code 8 universe are not much different than the traditional take on the power from other franchises, boasting the ability to move objects with the power of the mind. They can also compress the space around objects and crush or destroy them with that force.

The most notable TK in the films is Stephen Amell's Garrett Kelton, who is seen numerous times using his powers, including keeping multiple lightbulbs afloat in the air almost effortlessly. He's also seen in Part 2 stopping and crushing a robotic K9 unit without touching it whatsoever.

Shortly after Part 1 debuted in 2019, Amell spoke with Collider about working with his character's powers on set, remembering how he only asked director Jeff Chan to not "make [him] look stupid" in the final cut:

"The first day of filming the full-length trailer, where you see me use my mind to take a light bulb and give it to Robbie, I didn’t know how my powers worked or what that would look like. I just remember turning to Jeff and going, 'Look man, I have an idea. Let’s assume that, as telekinetic, I’m right-handed, so my right hand will be back and my left hand will be forward, and I’m going to try really hard. You just have to promise me one thing.' He said, 'What’s that?' And I said, 'Don’t make me look stupid.'"

He also touched on Connor Reed (played by his cousin Robbie Amell) being blessed with electric powers in the film, expressing how cool it was to use some of the same techniques to display their powers:

"But it was really cool because Robbie is an electric in the movie, so he created what an electric looks like and how an electric uses their powers. And as a telekinetic, I did the same thing. In the Code 8 world, that was really cool."


Robbie Amell using Electrokinesis in Code 8

Individuals with electrokinesis powers in the Code 8 movies are designated simply as Electrics, and they can generate and manipulate electricity throughout their bodies.

When using their powers, Electrics' eyes usually spark with a light blue color, and for high-level abilities, the energy can even be seen running through the veins in their arms and elsewhere on their bodies.

They can resist electric currents from other sources like live wires without protection, and they can also absorb the impact of shocks and attracts from lower-level Electrics, shock someone into cardiac arrest, and jumpstart cars.

The most notable Electric is the aforementioned Connor Reed, a Class 5 power level who is much more advanced power-wise than others in his power category. He can surge an electric fence in Part 1, which is an ability that can only be performed by higher-class Electrics, although he is seen working as an electrician as well.


Telepathy powers being used in Code 8

Slightly different from TK's are Readers, who have their own kind of telepathic abilities in this pair of films.

These telepaths can hear other people's thoughts and read minds, giving them quite the advantage over their enemies, although they are unable to control those whose minds they read.

Readers have to make eye contact with their targets to use their abilities, and as seen with Connor, victims appear visibly uncomfortable when they are being mentally probed.

Greg Bryk's Marcus Sutcliffe is a notable Reader in the original movie, as he's seen using his powers to find out how a person he's meeting is planning to slit his throat.


Cryokinesis in Code 8

Ice-based powers are seen in this universe through powered beings known as Cryos, who use Cryokinesis to freeze objects into solid matter, mostly liquids. They can also lower the temperature of the air around them, inducing mist and frost.

It's also presumed that they can generate and release ice from their bodies the way Iceman from the X-Men movies can, although this has not been seen yet on screen.

Connor's mother Mary, played by Kari Matchett is a Cryo, and she is seen accidentally freezing food items in front of her boss as she works at a grocery store.

Cryos can freeze objects solid, doing so most easily with liquids. They can lower the temperature of the air around them, causing surfaces to frost over and freeze. Presumably, they can also generate and release ice, using their powers similarly to how Pyros control fire, though this hasn’t been seen yet on screen.


Kyla Kane using healing powers in Code 8

Healing powers are also prominent in the Code 8 movies, seen in people appropriately known as Healers. They can heal other living humans of bodily damage and diseases, even being able to cure diseases as deadly as cancer.

To do this, all Healers have to do is make physical contact with the person they want to heal, and they transfer the injury or disease from that person into themselves.

Kyla Kane's Nia is the first person in Code 8 shown to be a Healer as she quickly takes care of a slash on Connor's arm, and she also heals Mary's cancer later in the story.


Laysla De Oliveira using pyrokinesis in Code 8

Where there is ice, there is usually fire, as seen by the Pyros in Code 8: Part 1 and Part 2.

These prokinetics can manipulate fire into almost any shape and form imaginable, with some individuals using it to melt an array of different metals and other materials.

Laysla De Oliveira plays a Pyro named Maddy, who is seen early in Code 8: Part 1 melting a chain off a fence with her bare hand.

Super Strength

Vlad Alexis using super strength in Code 8

As is seen in most superhero universes, Code 8 and its sequel have a class of people who boast superhuman strength, those people being known as Brawns.

Brawns can lift and carry objects weighing hundreds or thousands of pounds, and they are also able to easily bend metal and crush solid objects in their hands.

This ability also gives Brawns heightened levels of endurance with their strength keeping them from tiring out too quickly, even after lifting and carrying so much weight.

Vlad Alexis plays a Brawn named Fred, who is seen lifting massive concrete barriers on the street and carrying them around as if they were styrofoam.


Ess Hödlmoser using shapeshifting in Code 8

Code 8: Part 1 and Part 2's human chameleons are known as Shifters, who (expectedly) have shape-shifting abilities.

As simple as it sounds, Shifters can change the physical appearance of their entire bodies, allowing them to mimic the appearance of any particular person they choose to look like. 

They make for top-notch spies as they can change into other people and impersonate enemies or bystanders, disappearing into big crowds with everybody around them none the wiser.

During one of the strip club scenes in Part 1, Ess Hödlmoser's Copperhead shows off their abilities by changing their face to a new one during an assassination attempt.

Durable Skin

Simon Northwood's durable skin in Code 8

Powered individuals with incredibly durable (almost impenetrable) skin are known as Exodermas in the two Code 8 movies.

Exodermas have enhanced physical durability along with the aforementioned tough skin, which can withstand much more damage than the average human can take.

These people are different than most powered people in these movies, as their powers are not something that can be turned on or off. Rather, it is an intrinsic ability that comes into play involuntarily, most of the time without warning.

Sutcliffe's bodyguard Rhino (played by Simon Northwood) is a high-level Exoderma, with fans seeing him pick bullets out of his skin with no effort after he gets shot at Sutcliffe's hideout.


Sammy Azero using camouflage in Code 8: Part 2

While Shifters are something of chameleons of the Code 8 movies, Part 2 also introduces people who are even closer to human chameleons.

These powered people can blend into their environment and camouflage themselves against any background, allowing them to disappear effortlessly.

As shown in Part 2, these people have to touch an object or a surface to take on its appearance before blending in with that environment.

This is seen in Sammy Azero's Tarak, whose skin takes on the exact appearance of any location he goes to in Part 2.


Sirena Gulamgaus using technokinesis in Code 8: Part 2

Also introduced in Code 8: Part 2 is a new ability known as technokinesis - the ability to manipulate and communicate with all different kinds of technology

Described in Part 2 as a rare "one in a million" kind of power, these people (known as Transducers) can control technology and interface with computer data, allowing them to operate machinery with their minds.

To do this requires close proximity with the object they're attempting to control, and physical contact enhances the user's connection with the item they are controlling.

In Part 2, Sirena Gulamgaus's Pavani, Tarak's younger sister, is revealed as a Transducer as she's seen manipulating the LCPD's robotic dogs before broadcasting evidence of the villain's corrupt acts.

Code 8: Part 1 and Code 8: Part 2 are both available to stream on Netflix.

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