Mad Max: New Photos Reveal Chris Hemsworth’s Villain In Furiosa Prequel

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In the age of cinematic universes, every franchise is attempting to expand in big ways with prequels, sequels, and spin-offs. The Mad Max universe is no exception to that rule that as 2024's Furiosa will soon explore the story of Charlize Theron's post-apocalyptic war captain in the years leading up to the acclaimed Fury Road.

This time around, the young Imperator Furiosa will instead be played by Anya Taylor-Joy, with Thor actor Chris Hemsworth joining as Warlord Dementus. After being snatched by the Biker Horde leader, Furiosa will find herself stuck in the middle of a war between two tyrants as she tries to find her way home.

With Hemsworth switching out his Asgardian armor for a post-apocalyptic biker get-up, new set photos have revealed a new look at his Furiosa villain.

New Photos of Chris Hemsworth's Mad Max Villain

An Instagram post from Chris Hemsworth Brazil revealed a new look at the Australian actor on the Furiosa set as the villainous Warlord Dementus.

The MCU star can be seen cracking jokes with a co-star in his post-apocalyptic biker outfit aboard a speaker-covered monster truck.

A Twitter post from @hemsworthours offered a closer look at his giant beard and gold-covered biker outfit, with a teddy bear strangely hanging from his waist.

Mad Max Bible posted more set photos on Twitter that offer a wider look at Dementus' monster truck that comes kitted out with speakers and a towing rig.

Chris Hemsworth Takes the Villain Route

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Having spent years in the MCU as the heroic Thor, Chris Hemsworth has certainly been making big moves in recent years to expand his career. The Australlian actor has taken starring roles in Extraction, Men in Black: International, and Spiderhead - with Furiosa and a Hulk Hogan biopic both in the pipeline.

Up until recently, Hemsworth had only really followed the heroic action hero route. But Spiderhead saw the actor tackle something new as the mastermind villain of the dystopian psychologic thriller. Now, Hemsworth is taking the antagonistic route once again as he returns to his action routes for Furiosa.

There's no denying the jacked star has seen far more growth in his career in recent years than he did during his work in the Infinity Saga. Hemsworth is clearly determined to expand his range in Hollywood to avoid being typecast, and it certainly appears to be working based on his recent projects.

Furiosa may be filming now, but the release is still some time away as the Mad Max: Fury Road prequel is poised to hit theaters on May 24, 2024.

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