First Look at Chris Evans & Dwayne Johnson In New Christmas Movie 'Red One' (Photos)

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Chris Evans Dwayne Johnson Red One First Look

It's a crossing of universes, as fans got a first look at MCU staple Chris Evans and newly-anointed DCU star Dwayne Johnson, in their upcoming Christmas film Red One

This Holiday blockbuster is set to release sometime next year and has been described as a mix of Hobbs and Shaw and Miracle on 34th Street. The Amazon Studios film is currently deep into production with Evans and Johnson both on set to shoot the project.

There had been rumors surrounding Red One, the biggest of which being that Dwayne Johnson would trade in his super suit from Black Adam for his Santa suit. Fans have speculated that "The Rock" would take on the role of Kris Kringle in the film. 

That report has since been debunked, however, Johnson has said that despite not portraying the Man in Red, his part is still "something really awesome." And with a set of new photos, fans have gotten their first glimpse of both Johnson and Evans in the upcoming festive epic. 

A Good Look at Red One

Fans got their first look at Chris Evans and Dwayne Johnson on the set of the upcoming Christmas film from Amazon Studios, Red One

A set of photos from Just Jared offers a better look at the very same scene, giving audiences a good glimpse at what the two Hollywood giants will be looking like in the film. 

Evans' character looks fairly normal, sporting a brown leather coat along with a beard and messy hair. 

Johnson, on the other hand, is dolled up for the Holiday season, wearing a slim-fitting green-and-red leather super suit of sorts and looking a bit like a super-powered Christmas elf.

The two actors can be seen in a heated conversation with Johnson's character holding a copy of Monopoly and what could be a pair of Christmas lights or some Holiday-themed cricket of sorts. 

In an interview from last year with Slashfilm, Hiram Garcia, a close collaborator with Dwayne Johnson and creator of Red One's story, 100% confirmed that the WWE superstar-turned-box office badass is "not playing Santa."

He went on to say that the whole team is "really excited about" the project, as they aim to " take holiday mythology and turn it on its head:"

"It's funny, he's not playing Santa. For some reason, everyone thinks he's playing Santa. He's not playing Santa, but he's playing something really awesome. We're really excited about it. It's the movie we're looking to film next year. We're thrilled to have Jake Kasdan to direct it, because he is such a master in that space and the tone we're wanting to do. It is very much "Hobbs and Shaw" meets "Guardians of the Galaxy" meets "Miracle on 34th Street." 

It's going to take holiday mythology and turn it on its head. Really, it's hard to find another Christmas movie to even compare to it. I don't think there's ever been anything done like this in that space, which is always very appealing to us. We're really excited about it, Amazon's been great with it, and we're in the process – the script's about to be written, and we'll be shooting that next year. Our goal is, knock on wood, we're hoping to have that ready for December 2023."

Who is Dwayne Johnson Playing in Red One?

It is so much fun to see this crossing over of big-budget Hollywood universes with Chris Evans and Dwayne Johnson both in the same movie. Sure, it is a far cry from a Captain America vs Black Adam movie, but it is exciting nonetheless. 

What is interesting to note in this first look though is, who the heck is Johnson playing in Red One? It is cool seeing Evans in these photos and quick snippets of video, but he looks fairly regular. It's Johnson's character that looks completely otherworldly. 

As noted above, Johnson's look in the Amazon film feels like it was pulled off the pages of some sort of Christmas-centric comic book. He is likely not playing another straight-up superhero, but he certainly looks like one. 

What feels more likely is this could be a fun way for "The Rock" to play one of Santa's elves. After rumors swirled of him playing the big man himself, it could be an interesting twist if the towering monolith of muscle was one of Santa's helpers, a group that is traditionally portrayed as a meek bunch of toy makers. 

How much fun would it be if this elf was a motorcycle-riding, leather-wearing badass? The answer: a whole lot! 

Red One is currently on track to release sometime during the Holiday season of 2023. 

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