Chicago Fire: Who Is Vivienne Marie? 'In Memory' Tribute Explained & Obituary Details Revealed

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Chicago Fire ended its latest Season 12 episode with an emotional tribute to crew member Vivienne Marie.

Vivienne Marie Tribute from Chicago Fire

At the end of Chicago Fire Season 12, Episode 3, which debuted on NBC on Thursday, January 31, the series paid tribute to the late Vivienne Marie.

Marie was a longtime crew member on the show who also served as a standby painter, although she sadly passed away in early January.

The tribute came in the form of a caption that read, "In memory of Vivienne Marie" directly ahead of the closing credits.

Below is a picture of Marie along with her dog, which was shared on Facebook by close friend Larry Lundy:

Vivienne Marie

Marie only used a few words to describe herself on her Instagram page, introducing herself to her followers in her bio as an "Artist, painter, [and animal lover]" who was "based near Chicago."

The artist went into more detail about her life on her website as she highlighted the various venues where she's shown off her work, including the Harold Washington Library and the Chicago Cultural Center.

She also had an impressive perspective on the world as a whole, having spent time in both Ireland and Iceland as she dove deeper into her work.

Marie made a living as a union-based scenic painter for movies and TV shows, although she also expanded her reach to opera, theater, museums, and commercial spaces.

Originally majoring in biology with an interest in zoology, she found her love for painting through a theater stagecraft class and never looked back.

She also used her talent and love for art to put her passion for animals on display, with her website showing off numerous paintings of different species from the animal kingdom.

The Direct sends our deepest condolences to Vivienne Marie's family, her loved ones, and the entire Chicago Fire and One Chicago family and fandom.

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