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Many fans are hotly anticipating a variety of content on Disney+, be it season two of The Mandalorian, or Marvel Studios' Loki. However, there's another series in the works that promises to fill in the blanks on certain characters and events from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story . That, of course, would be the still as-of-yet-untitled Cassian Andor series, which will star Diego Luna and Alan Tudyk, reprising their roles from Rogue One . But as the coronavirus continues its spread, more and more shows and films are falling victim to drastic delays.


Today, the fan account known as Bespin Bulletin dropped some rumored intel on just how things things are shaping up for the Andor series production-wise. In short, the series' filming has indeed been pushed back from its planned June start month to an unspecified time due to COVID-19. The account also notes that while the hope is to pick things back up before the end of the year, a 2021 production start date is looking more likely.

Regardless of any potential pushbacks, the series is currently indicated to still meet its 2021 release window. This is not set in stone though, as the uncertain nature of these delays could possibly land the series in 2022.

Additionally, the post makes mention of Discussing Film 's exclusive that Luke Hull has boarded the Cassian Andor series as a production designer. Hull's previous credits include HBO's Chernobyl as well as S.J. Clarkson's scrapped Game of Thrones spinoff.


While it is quite unfortunate that this show has been postponed, it may be a slight comfort to some knowing that just about everything else is in the same boat. As studios continue to try and ride out this seemingly all-consuming public health crisis, production and release date delays are just an unfortunate side effect.

It would obviously be very disappointing for fans to have to wait another year and a half to two years for the further adventures of Cassian and K-2SO, but this is truly just the nature of the way things are in the world right now, and perhaps these setbacks will result in stronger content overall.

On perhaps the brighter side, Luke Hull has some good, solid work under his belt and will no doubt do a commendable job serving as production designer on Cassian Andor, for all to see whenever the show ends up hitting Disney+.

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