New Captain America 4 Set Photo Features Iron Man Company Easter Egg

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A noted fictional company in the MCU, which previously appeared in other Marvel movies and shows, has a presence in Captain America: New World Order.

After 15 years, the MCU has put forth so many easter eggs and so many pieces of connective tissues between its 40+ projects that it can be difficult to keep track of everything, even for the most seasoned of fans.

Sometimes a given reference has been so subtle, that it was almost imperceptible, like when Tony Stark had a prototype Captain America shield in his workshop in the original Iron Man.

Newly-revealed set photos from Captain America: New World Order (via atlanta_filming on Instagram) showed signage that feature the logo for Roxxon, the fictitious, in-universe energy company that has been referenced several times in the MCU, most notably in all three Iron Man films.

Roxxon Sign

The earliest appearance of the Roxxon logo was in 2008’s Iron Man during that film’s final fight.

Roxxon logo in Iron Man
Marvel Studios

In Iron Man 2, the company’s logo could again be spotted on one of the cars in Monaco:

Roxxon Logo on race car in Iron Man 2
Marvel Studios

And then in Iron Man 3, the entire climactic battle sequence was set on the Roxxon Norco oil tanker.

Roxxon Norco oil tanker in Iron Man 3
Marvel Studios

Roxxon also figured into the first season of Loki, where some of the action took place at a Roxxcart store owned by the corporation.

Roxxcart store in Loki
Marvel Studios

Additionally, Roxxon‘s presence can be felt in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law and even in the MCU One-Shot A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor’s Hammer.

A Brief History of Roxxon

In the pages of Marvel Comics, the Roxxon Energy Corporation first showed up in an issue of Captain America from 1974. The company was created by prolific comic writer Steve Englehart who also dreamt up popular heroes like Shang-Chi and Star-Lord.

It’s mostly unclear what kind of an entity Roxxon is in the MCU. There was a reference to a disastrous oil spill that they had caused in Iron Man 3. There were also several references to the company in the series produced by the now-shuttered Marvel Television branch, but those entries are of mostly dubious canon status.

The comic book version of Roxxon is known for often having sinister intentions and a great deal of criminal negligence regarding its actions. Comics Roxxon has been said to place the bottom line over all else and is willing to go as far as violence to turn a profit.

In the MCU, Roxxon simply hasn’t gotten enough screen time for fans to get a good read on how it operates. Captain America 4 seems to carry on the trend of merely having the logo visible in the background of a scene.  But perhaps future films and series will serve to further flesh out the company into something that more closely resembles its comics counterpart. 

Captain America: New World Order hits theaters on May 3, 2024.

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