Bridgerton Season 3 Release: Will It Actually Premiere In 2023?

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Will Bridgerton return to Netflix for Season 3 this year? Here's everything we know so far about its release date.

Following the first two seasons and the Queen Charlotte prequel series, Bridgerton is set to return for Season 3.

The release comes after Netflix renewed the historical romance drama through Season 4, declaring its plans to "be in the Bridgerton business for a long time to come."

Bridgerton Season 3 Release Date Explained

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During Netflix's 2023 Tudum event in June, the streamer highlighted Bridgerton Season 3 by showing the first look at the return of the historical cast.

Although no release date was provided, a since-deleted tweet from Netflix Portugal to showcase the first-look photos listed the release for December 14.

Season 3 began filming in July 2022 and wrapped in March 2023, leaving plenty of time to prepare for a 2023 premiere. Season 1 had 10 months between filming and release, which dropped to just four months for Season 2.

As Season 1 was released over the holidays and found great success, becoming the most-viewed English-language series at the time, a premiere for Season 3 in December doesn't sound too outlandish. 

The release will follow the premiere on the Queen Charlotte prequel spin-off that arrived on Netflix in May 2023, with the seven-month period until December leaving a large enough gap between entries in the Bridgerton world.

As Bridgerton had wrapped filming long before the writers' and actors' strikes began in May and July, respectively, the Hollywood movements aren't expected to impact the Season 3 release, unless any reshoots are needed.

Bridgerton Season 3 has yet to confirm a Netflix release date, but December 14 currently appears to be the most likely guess, unless, of course, plans have changed or that date was never accurate. 

Could Bridgerton Season 3 Be Delayed to 2024?

With the latest major streaming shows, including those found on Netflix, it has become increasingly common for release dates to be announced far closer to their premiere than once before, or even the notice that would be given for a movie.

For example, Queen Charlotte announced its May premiere date in February, under three months before its release, similar to the hit show Sex Education, which confirmed its Season 4 date around the same period before release.

But with some major shows, Netflix does like to give viewers plenty of notice, as You Season 4 had its February release announced in September, giving viewers five months' notice, before shifting that date around three months before release.

While Bridgerton Season 3's supposed December 14 release date is now just 72 days away with no announcement in sight, there is still some hope the date may pull through based on these shorter announcement-to-release windows.

However, as Bridgerton is one of Netflix's most consistently successful franchises, one would imagine the streamer would allow it a long and expansive marketing campaign to build excitement from old and new viewers alike.

If Season 3 really is still expected to arrive in 2023, Netflix will likely make an announcement in the near future. Otherwise, it becomes increasingly likely that Bridgerton's return may have been delayed to 2024.

The first two seasons of Bridgerton and Queen Charlotte are streaming now on Netflix.

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