Is Bluey Getting Cancelled? New Report Casts Doubt on Series' Future

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A new report suggested Bluey's future could be up in the air, causing cancellation concerns despite the massive success the show has seen.

Bluey, the series' titular character, is an Australian Blue Heeler Cattle Dog puppy. She and her family star in the show, currently in its third season, allowing the series to have a strong focus on, among other important themes, familial relationships.

The Australian children's series has seen overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics and families, and both entertains and educates with constructive, positive messages.

Disney bought the international distribution rights to Bluey in 2019, and all three seasons are available to stream on Disney+.

Is Bluey Getting Cancelled After Season 3?

Mom and Bluey in Bluey series

Despite whispers that Season 4 is in development, a new report from Bloomberg suggested the possibility that Bluey could be cancelled after Season 3.

Bloomberg reported that the 28-minute Season 3 finale, titled "The Sign," may see Bluey's family move (the titular sign being a moving sign), and could be the last episode before the series is cancelled.

A fourth season of Bluey has not been confirmed yet, which, as Bloomberg reported, is unusual for the show.

Past patterns indicate if Bluey were to continue, fans would already know for sure, as it has never taken this long for a renewal before.

Joe Brumm, the creator of Bluey, told Bloomberg that he is worried about the maturing voices of the show's voice actors, and would "look for every other alternative before replacement:"

"I’d look for every other alternative before replacement ... It’s not like there is no precedent for doing it before, but kids are very familiar with these voices, so I think you’d lose something."

Granted, Cecilia Persson of BBC Studios said that they are "actually in a process on Season 4," but that she did not want to have that conversation at that moment.

"We’re actually in a process on Season 4, but we don’t really want to talk about this now."

Executive producers Charlie Aspinwall and Daley Pearson are not concerned. Pearson emphasized that Bluey is meant "to be surprising," and so they are constantly questioning where to bring the series next. Aspinwall then added that they "don't have a master plan:"

Pearson: "Now that it’s gone to 28 minutes, is it another season? Is it another—another something?” ... We always wanted 'Bluey' to be surprising and give the audience something they don’t know they want. That’s what we’re thinking about. What is that thing? What is that vehicle that is next for 'Bluey?'"

Aspinwall: "We don’t have a master plan ... I think that is what Daley is trying to say."

President of Disney Branded Television Ayo Davis also left room for a future for Bluey, calling it "an important piece of business to our company," and adding that they "want to stay in that business:"

"I can’t really comment on 'Bluey’s' future ... But this is an important piece of business to our company ... We do love Bluey and Bingo, and so we want to stay in that business."

An anonymous source close to Disney and Bluey told Bloomberg that Brumm is trying to decide if he is willing to let others write episodes of Bluey. Doing so could keep the show alive if there are cancellation concerns.

Plus, Brumm is excited about the Season 3 finale, positing that "it's a magical episode:"

"I think it’s a magical episode ... If I sound like a wanker, so be it. It just sums up everything 'Bluey' has tried to do in the last few years."

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Is Bluey In Danger Of Cancellation?

The biggest cause for Bluey fans to be concerned is about the actors' voices changing, which would eventually likely require replacement of some kind.

Brumm asserted that he does not want to see the current voice cast replaced, but seemed to imply that if it came down to it as the last option to save the show, he would agree to it.

Still, Disney has owned the international distribution rights for Bluey for about five years, and its popularity does not seem to be wavering.

With Disney+ seeing major changes like combining with Hulu, it would make sense for the streaming service to hold onto something that is working — something like Bluey.

It is possible, though, that fans will know a bit more once the Season 3 finale releases on April 14.

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